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About ZBT National Housing

ZBT National Housing (ZBT NHC) is the entity that helps ZBT chapters and local housing corporations operate effectively and efficiently in providing housing solutions for brothers. ZBT NHC is a... Read More >

Norman’s Farewell

Over the last 44 months of my Presidency, I have had many opportunities to speak to you about my vision for our Fraternity.  Living in Miami, I got used to writing my thoughts as hurricanes took aim... Read More >

Letter’s from ZBT’s Leaders

Brothers and friends of ZBT, We hope this letter finds you safe and healthy. We are navigating unchartered territory together and with that, we want to share how Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Zeta Beta... Read More >

Letters from ZBT’s Leaders

As a practicing trial lawyer, my schedule is not my own.  Cases get set for trial by the Court and, more often than not, they get set without consideration for the schedules of the lawyers.   From... Read More >

Letters From ZBT’s Leaders

Brothers, welcome to the Digital Deltan brotherhood magazine. Please read on for more from the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity and Zeta Beta Tau Foundation leadership.  From the International President:... Read More >