ZBT National Housing Corporation Shows Their New Look

International Convention is a place where ZBT brothers, both alumni and undergraduates, gather to learn and share more about the Fraternity and spend time together.  This year, ZBT National Housing (“NHC”) utilized Convention time to assemble members of its board of directors, discuss services available to undergraduates, and provide opportunities for chapters to ask questions about their individual housing questions and wishes.

Many NHC board members gathered the day prior to the start of Convention activities to work on a Strategic Plan, which ZBT Housing will implement for the 5-year period beginning in the summer of 2021.  While the date may seem far away, beginning the planning process in advance will allow the board to carefully evaluate what is working well and what needs to change when the new plan is adopted.  We were delighted to spend some time with an old friend of ZBT, former Chief Executive Officer Laurence A. Bolotin, Alpha Zeta (Florida) 2001, who led the discussions and guided the planning process.

As undergraduates checked in and traveled from session to session, they passed through a tabling area where the services of several of our Fraternity partners were featured, and representatives were available to answer questions.  As the tabling representative for ZBT Housing, I was able to greet many undergraduates and meet quite a few brothers with whom I have spoken on the phone but not met in person.  We created an updated flyer to promote some of the services we can provide to chapters which they may not be aware of, such as property management services.  In addition, we had a few giveaways, including a foam stress “house” with our new logo on the roof.  We were excited to feature our new branding package on all materials, as we’ve continued to grow and evolve to better support the Fraternity’s housing endeavors.

On the last day of Convention, NHC Executive Director Matthew I. Tobe, Beta Alpha Theta (Colorado) 2006 and Past Board President Gregg F. Witt, Iota (Denver) 1977, met with undergraduates from several campuses who had questions about how ZBT Housing could help them on their campus.  This brief meet and greet session gave undergraduates the opportunity to speak with brothers from other campuses and hear what questions they might have about their housing situations, as well as the opportunity to talk with Matthew and Gregg. While each chapter’s needs are unique, several common themes emerged about funding, support, research and various obligations which will help inform how ZBT National Housing can better promote its services and, as our mission outlines, “provide chapters and colonies with the necessary resources to sustain and acquire, where appropriate, chapter housing solutions.” It is an exciting time for ZBT National Housing, and we look forward to continuing to support the Fraternity, its chapters and undergraduate brothers.