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Psi (University of Alabama)

The Chapter has taken part in a fraternity golf tournament raising over $50,000 and brothers have also participated in Alpha Phi’s annual Heartthrob philanthropy event, a campus-wide activity that raised money for charity. The Chapter took part in Tuscaloosa Emergency Services (TES), where brothers helped many families in need across the region by packing trucks and organizing donated materials for the Tuscaloosa community.


Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona)

Alpha Omicron is among the largest chapters in the Fraternity. The Chapter is hosting a variety of local programs, including a LinkedIn profile workshop, and attending international programs, such as the James E. Greer, Jr. Presidents’ Leadership Academy and Emerging Leaders Institute.

Gamma Tau (Arizona State University)

The Chapter is practicing Ritual and has earned its first Standards of Excellence point this semester. Gamma Tau has almost 60 brothers.


Phi Theta Gamma (Lyon College)

The Chapter has been able to operate with a degree of normalcy on campus since spring 2021, holding recruitment and general social events within guidelines issued by the school. Traditional brotherhood events that involved some travel and bringing in alumni had to be scaled down, but still happened. Phi Theta Gamma’s spring charity fundraising event, The Inferno, went quite well under the circumstances. Attempts to reach out to the small Jewish community in Batesville and observe holidays have yielded positive results. Community service work, such as cleaning up Polk Bayou, has continued.

The Chapter ran a campus-wide game of Humans vs Zombies in October. These events have always been popular in the past, and they give students an opportunity to explore the wilder parts of campus.

This summer, Eli E. Kemp, 2023, participated in marine biology research Dauphin Island Sea Lab through the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program. He is in the process of publishing his research in the Gulf and Caribbean Research Journal.

Chase R. Griffith, 2022, is leading an ongoing effort to restructure the school’s Interfraternity Council and bring in more student voices in policymaking. This agenda, if it succeeds, will greatly improve the position of Fraternity and Sorority Life on campus for all organizations.

The spring 2021 recruitment video is now uploaded to Phi Theta Gamma’s YouTube channel. The current brothers have been told that other chapters and even some of those at ZBT International Headquarters have enjoyed Phi Theta Gamma’s video skits in the past; Chapter leaders hope this one is a hit as well.


Alpha Delta (University of Southern California)

Alpha Delta has a good reputation on campus. Brothers are leaders in the Interfraternity Council. Legacy recruitment is a priority within Alpha Delta and the group is on track to move into a new Chapter house in 2022. The USC campus has struggled due to fraternity life protests after a much-publicized incident at another fraternity earlier in the fall.

Brother Jaren M. Lewison, 2023, is in the cast of Netflix comedy Never Have I Ever. The show won this year’s People’s Choice Award for Comedy Show of the Year.

Alpha Eta (University of California, Berkeley)

The Prospective Chapter is working to seek IFC recognition. Brothers moved into a chapter house at the start of the term.

Alpha Rho (University of California-Los Angeles)

The Chapter has approximately 85 undergraduate brothers, including 35 new initiates this fall. A housing project is in progress.

Beta Lambda (San Diego State University)

In 2020, Kyle R. Clary suffered a traumatic brain injury. After an incredible amount of hard work in his recovery process, he was able to visit the Chapter in San Diego in early December.


Beta Pi  (California State University, Long Beach)             

This semester, the Chapter reconnected with sororities who had a weaker connection due to the pandemic by hosting exchanges with them.

Beta Pi also was able to reconnect with Beach Hillel and rebuild a connection. Hillel is hosting a workshop for the Chapter about their organization.

In early December, brothers conducted philanthropy week and all proceeds went to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Eta Mu (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo)            

Following a year of limited Chapter activities, Eta Mu has been privileged to undergo a variety of brotherhood events. From paintball, hiking and camping, the brothers of Eta Mu have simply cherished bonding with one another this year.

This year the Chapter has had the ability to raise thousands of dollars for a local underprivileged elementary school, Hawthorne Elementary. Through a car wash that often had 15 cars waiting in line and a calendar featuring brothers, Eta Mu has been able to make an impact in the community. This past summer Eta Mu had many brothers go about internships as they look to join with full-time offers after they graduate. Eta Mu brothers interned at Amazon, Plaid, Ernst & Young, Lockheed Martin and many other companies, and many of them also received full-time offers. Many credit their academic success from the LinkedIn, resume and career fair workshops the Chapter has held for all brothers.

Gamma Nu (California State University-Los Angeles)

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Midnight Mission Philanthropy hosted in early November. The Chapter donated over 25 bags of clothing! Brothers said, “We are amazed and blessed to have given back to the community.”




Gamma Xi (University of California, Santa Barbara)

The Chapter has been able to participate in weekly community service at the local Santa Barbara Hillel, having a great turnout week in and week out. In addition, ZBT brothers earned service hours by peer facilitating campus events for fellow Greeks, the New Member Conference and the Fraternity & Sorority Life Conference. Gamma Xi had a Hanukkah ceremony hosted at the Chapter house that was facilitated by the local Chabad rabbi.

The most unique thing the Chapter has done was introducing a Mental Health Committee and Chair within the Chapter earlier this fall. The Mental Health Chair has weekly check-ins with brothers, organizes and holds weekly meetings for the Chapter and has plans to schedule guest speakers to come in and talk about the importance and aspects of mental health. It is open to all brothers who can join at any time, and so far we have had fantastic feedback from the brothers on this new committee.

Brother Nick L. Broms, 2025, is a professional downhill longboarder who is currently having a documentary made about his career. In his own words: “Hi there! I’m Nick Broms, a professional downhill skateboarder and two-time Junior World Champion. I began downhill skateboarding at a young age and it is my greatest passion, but I love, camping, surfing and pretty much anything outdoors. Downhill has been my life for the last seven years and it has truly provided me with some of the biggest blessings in my life, this documentary being one of them.” Check out the trailer and website.

Eta Upsilon (Santa Clara University)

Brothers love to be outdoors, from a beach cleanup to sailing for Thanksgiving. The Chapter recently spoke out to support safe, healthy experiences for students after reports of rising sexual violence across the campus.


Iota Chapter (University of Denver)

The brothers had a great time playing in their annual alumni football game on Oct. 24!

On Sept. 28, University Chancellor Jeremy Haefner, Ph.D, visited the Iota house and spoke with brothers. The Chapter also was proud to welcome

ZBT International President Honorable Jonathan D. Frieden, Phi Epsilon (University of Virginia) 1994, to speak to the Chapter about the outlook of ZBT and what the future holds for the Fraternity as a whole.

The Chapter was able to hold its brotherhood retreat as well as weekly brotherhood events. The Brothers went to Colorado Springs for their brotherhood retreat and stayed in yurts with the entirety of the Chapter.


Zeta Theta (Western Connecticut State University)

Brothers have a very strong pride in ZBT and are very close. On campus, the Chapter mixes with other fraternity and sorority organizations and host educational programming with peers. They were named the Best Delegation at ZBT’s 2021 International Convention.


Epsilon Theta (University of Delaware)




The Chapter has been able to participate in philanthropy events on campus with other sororities to raise money for UDance, an event that benefits children with cancer, and brotherhood events such as mountain weekend.

In the past year, the Chapter was able to pick five brothers who were willing to do an overnight fundraiser to completely bleach their hair in order to raise money for children with cancer.

  • Anthony J. Villari, 2023: Two-time Recruitment Director has brought in more than 30 new brothers in the past two semesters.
  • Jake K. Canfield, 2023: Two-year summer internship with Baltimore/Washington Financial Advisors.
  • Steven G. Verrico, 2022: Summer internship at Goldman Sachs with a follow-up job opportunity.
  • Jeffery Lin, 2022: Volunteer outreach for COVID-19 vaccine availability for different communities.

District of Columbia

Beta Psi (American University)

The American campus has struggled due to fraternity life protests over the past three semesters and the current Chapter is reduced in size in this climate. If you are interested in supporting the Beta Psi Brotherhood, email ZBT International Headquarters.

Phi Alpha Alpha (The George Washington University)

The Chapter responded in solidarity with another fraternity chapter after an antisemitic incident on campus in October. Brothers are very involved with Chabad, intramural sports and many campus activities.


Alpha Zeta (University of Florida)

The Chapter has more than 70 brothers sharing in a strong bond. The group is growing in numbers and in their place on campus. Alpha Zeta moved into a house earlier in the fall.

Delta Iota (University of Central Florida)

The Chapter continues to be successful in fraternity sports and intramurals, winning championships in baseball, football and more. They are active with many sorority philanthropies and events and a strong partner with Chabad. Alumni interested in assisting in financial management and/or operational capacity with the Delta Iota Chapter should contact ZBT International Headquarters.

Delta Omicron (University of Tampa)

Alumnus brother Tyler J. Kearny, Delta Omicron 2020, is currently serving in the U.S. Army in Fort Sam Houston in Texas. Brother Kearney had the privilege of meeting Trevor L. Johnson, Eta Tau (University of Iowa) 2021, while in training. “We are so proud and honored to call these men our brothers,” the Chapter added.



Eta Rho Chapter (Florida International University)

Andrew J. Magill, 2022, set a university record for money raised in a pageant with more than $8,000 in the Sigma Kappa King of Hearts contest in October.

Nov. 12 the brothers of the Eta Rho Chapter culminated their pageant week by crowning their first ever Tahiti Sweetie, Rocki Fleites! Throughout the week brothers and contestants helped fundraise for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The Chapter set a university record by raising more $26,000 for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital!

They increased the Chapter’s size from 19 to 34 during fall recruitment with one of the largest classes in Chapter history.



Gamma Chi (University of South Florida)

The Chapter created a great new newsletter for their alumni and parents. Brothers fundraised over $1,500 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Gift of Life. The Chapter held a chanukiah lighting ceremony with the USF rabbi. Gamma Chi also placed in three sorority philanthropy competitions and helped raise over $100,000 for various charities.

The Chapter took a trip to the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg. Brothers took a charter bus to the museum and spent several hours touring the exhibits of the third largest Holocaust Museum in North America. Three docents gave brothers a private tour of the museum and shared countless stories of victims and survivors. At the end of the day, brothers learned a lot about the Holocaust era and Jewish heritage. This Chapter program was made possible in part by the generous support of a Chapter Heritage Grant from the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation.

Pictured above are Gamma Chi brothers in front of the Florida Holocaust Museum and  pictured left is the softball team that placed second in Zeta Tau Alpha’s Crown Classic softball tournament to support breast cancer research.


University of North Florida Prospective Chapter

Brothers are hard workers, with most of them having off-campus jobs alongside their studies. They are active with other fraternity and sorority members, participating in philanthropy events and activities.


Xi (Georgia Institute of Technology)

After some recent worries about construction in the area, the Xi Chapter house will continue to be home to ZBT brothers. The Chapter has completed two heritage programs in the fall semester and has a good relationship with Hillel.

Eta Lambda (Emory University)

The Prospective Chapter with almost 50 brothers is working on applying for a charter. The Chapter expects to host a Safe Smart Dating event in spring.


Gamma (Northwestern University)

The Northwestern campus has struggled due to fraternity life protests and the entire fraternity community remains on a moratorium limiting all activities. If you are interested in supporting the Gamma Brotherhood, email ZBT International Headquarters.

Delta Lambda (Monmouth College)

In early December, the Chapter held its annual Brotherhood Retreat, to look back, reflect and plan for the future endeavors of the Chapter. And why not attend a Quad City Storm Hockey game? Brothers enjoyed the game, cheering on the Storm!


Alpha Alpha (Purdue University)

The Alpha Alpha Chapter was able to participate in a variety of events this semester. One of the events was Purdue Winterization. On November 13, the Alpha Alpha Chapter helped the greater Lafayette Area prepare for the upcoming winter by raking residents’ lawns and performing other general lawn care tasks. In addition, the Alpha Alpha Chapter increased its size to 168 undergraduates with 32 new brothers this fall!

A unique opportunity this semester was the chance for the brothers of the Chapter to go canoeing down the river east of Kokomo and end on the Wabash River in Lafayette. This was a long and grueling adventure but it was a great experience! Bonds and memories that will last a lifetime were made that day!

A first standout brother is Jared M. Pritchard, 2023. He recently accepted an offer from Goldman Sachs for the summer of 2022 as a global markets operations intern in Salt Lake City, Utah! Brother Pritchard is going on year two of serving on our executive board as Operations Director where he constantly pushes brothers to be the best they can be by always striving to do more and be exceptional. Outside of the house, he also serves as the central committee events co-chair for Purdue Rising professionals as well as the Administrator for College Mentors for Kids. In Jared’s free time, you can find him enjoying the lake, snow skiing, and traveling any chance he gets!

Alpha Alpha’s second standout brother is Chase A. Deetz, 2023, who recently accepted his Purdue Pharmacy white coat! Brother Deetz was chosen for the Class of 2025 to receive his Doctor of Pharmacy degree with which he intends to use for a career in one of the various pharmacy areas. Outside of the house, he loves going to volunteer at Natalie’s Second Chance dog shelter to walk dogs and participate in APhA-ASP, a pharmacy club. Along with this, he also enjoys the water and rooting for Boilermaker sports.

Beta Gamma (Indiana University)

After learning about the Interfraternity Council’s decision to ban social events because of sexual assault cases on the rise on campus, brothers decided to hold a walkout against sexual assault and violence. Over 300 people walked from the beginning of Greek Row to the end and back. This raised awareness and showed that Beta Gamma is not a Chapter that will stay silent and let this issue continue.

The Chapter also has been hosting philanthropy events, brotherhood bonding events and various other social events.


Eta Mu (University of Kansas)






The Chapter had Dad’s Weekend on Oct 24 and the annual Alumni Weekend on Nov. 8. Brothers celebrated Thanksgiving at the Chapter house on Nov. 19.


Alpha Iota (University of Kentucky)

The Founding Fathers share a passion for leadership. Prospective Chapter officers have been elected. Brothers continue to work with ZBT International Headquarters on Founding Father education.


Sigma (Tulane University)

The Chapter facility was spared but the impacts of Hurricane Ida earlier this year were felt by brothers. Brothers helped with recovery efforts around New Orleans, both in service opportunities and financially. In December, the Chapter raised $1,500 for the STAR Center, supporting sexual trauma awareness and response, with a basketball tournament among IFC groups.


Beta Zeta Epsilon (University of Maryland-College Park)

The Zeebs had a great time at Challah for Hunger on Nov. 19.

Beta Zeta Epsilon Chapter has been thriving in terms of participating in fun and engaging activities during the semester. They continued to enhance their Jewish heritage by participating in a variety of events with Hillel and Chabad on campus. One event in particular that brothers have really liked is the Bagel, Lox and Tefillin event with Chabad. Secondly, their Get On The Ball philanthropy event was very successful and they were able to raise nearly $2,000 for Children’s National Hospital. Finally, they have been able to continue a ZBT touch football league called ZFL where brothers have the opportunity to play on a team with other brothers and compete for a championship.

A unique outing the Beta Zeta Epsilon Chapter had was their laser tag event. It was a huge hit among all the brothers who attended and really helped enhance the already strong brotherhood they have as a Chapter.

The Chapter has a handful of brothers working or interning for Maryland Athletics in a variety of positions. Their names are Gabriel D. Storfer, 2024, Zachary P. Wolfman, 2023, Daniel B. Tisser, 2024, David A. Khabie, 2024, Daniel D. Elbaum, 2022, Matthew P. Kiras, 2024, Jack C. Bloomfield, 2023, and Benjamin H. Reitman, 2024. Currently, Beta Zeta Epsilon has 93 brothers and is one of the largest fraternities at the University of Maryland. They are only going to continue growing and thriving as the Beta Zeta Epsilon Chapter of ZBT.

Eta Kappa (Towson University)




The Chapter hosted its annual sweetheart competition, participated in a school Dance the Madness competition finishing in third place, participated and attended multiple sorority philanthropy events and did a community service project cleaning up local parks.

Brother Raymond L. Gebhardt, 2023, ran for and won the Judicial Affairs position on the Interfraternity Council.


Omicron (Tufts University)

The Tufts campus has struggled due to fraternity life protests over the past three semesters and the current Chapter is reduced in size in this climate. If you are interested in supporting the Omicron Brotherhood, email ZBT International Headquarters.

Theta Alpha (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)




The Chapter was able to hold a special Shabbat dinner and education session with Rabbi Raffi from UMass Hillel and OU-JLIC on campus. The program was generously funded by the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation through a Chapter Heritage Grant and Theta Alpha thanks them for their support. Brothers were able to learn more about Jewish customs, history and traditions at the event. Brothers also attended a Fraternity-sponsored training focused on identity, antisemitism and hate on campus with Director of Heritage Education and Partnerships Jason A. Horowitz, Beta Phi (University of Pittsburgh) 2009, also hosted at UMass Hillel.

The Chapter held a dunk tank fundraiser with Sigma Delta Tau to raise money for Jewish Women International on campus.

Epsilon Phi (Brandeis University)

Brothers participate in events across campus, including intramurals and varsity sports. They partner with Gift of Life for swab drives. The Greek community at Brandeis is small comparatively overall, including ZBT’s tight-knit Chapter.



Beta Epsilon (Michigan State University)

The Founding Fathers are already engaged at Hillel and attending events. Prospective Chapter officers have been elected. Brothers continue to work with ZBT International Headquarters on Founding Father education.


Omega (University of Missouri)

The Chapter has been able to bring in numerous guest speakers this semester, such as a Columbia police officer, a professional development speaker and a professor of cultural studies at Mizzou. With the disruption of Fraternity and Sorority Life this semester at Mizzou due to the unfortunate hospitalization of a new member of Phi Gamma Delta, the brothers of ZBT have been largely unable to conduct actives as they normally would. Unfortunately, the Chapter philanthropy had to be canceled for this semester.

Outgoing Chapter President Cooper J. Zimmerschied, 2023, was elected as vice president of judicial procedure of the Mizzou Interfraternity Council.

Brother Nathaniel (Nate) J. Evensen, 2024, outgoing Brotherhood Development Director, was selected to the steering committee for Mizzou Greek Week out of over 100 other applicants!

Alpha Xi (Washington University at St. Louis)

This is a small, close-knit Chapter that lives in the only off-campus house owned by Interfraternity Council groups at Wash U. The Chapter is involved with Chabad and made its first Standards of Excellence submission already this year. The Chapter is in need of advisory support. If you are interested in supporting the Alpha Xi Brotherhood, email ZBT International Headquarters.

New Jersey

Beta Delta (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)

Brothers had a great time at the Thanksgiving party for the Embrace Kids Foundation!



Delta Pi (Fairleigh Dickinson University-Metropolitan)

The campus is under a recruitment moratorium, but after it is lifted, ZBT is looking to grow. If you know any students attending FDU who might make good ZBT brothers, please submit a recruitment referral.

Epsilon Tau (Fairleigh Dickinson University-Madison)

Epsilon Tau is the largest fraternity on campus and stayed very active during the pandemic, giving them a good base for success now that students have returned to campus. Chapter leaders are invested in Standards of Excellence and consistently earn accreditation.

New York

Delta (Columbia University)

Brothers are very close in this smaller Chapter and maintain very strong alumni connections, hosting regular events and career panels with Columbia ZBT alumni. The Chapter regularly engages in service opportunities around New York City and has one of the strongest commitments to brother education in all of ZBT. Chapter leaders are applying for on-campus housing.

Epsilon Delta at (Binghamton University)

Shoutout to the alumni who were able to be in Binghamton on Oct. 10! Thank you for reminding the undergraduate brothers of Epsilon Delta Chapter that brotherhood is truly for a lifetime.


Epsilon Nu (State University of New York-Oneonta)

On Nov. 6, the brothers of ZBT extended a helping hand to the community with a leaf raking fall cleanup. Thank you to all the brothers who popped out!


Eta Iota (State University of New York Plattsburgh)

The Chapter put on a volleyball event to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority. Operations are running more smoothly and more organized than ever before.


North Carolina

Eta Xi (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

Several brothers helped initiate Founding Fathers at the new Eta Alpha Prospective Chapter at Clemson University. Eta Xi also hosted a volleyball tournament as a philanthropic event and won a Chi Omega golf tournament philanthropy. The new Executive Board was elected in early December and a new chapter advisor is being added.


Lambda (Case Western Reserve University)

The Chapter was a Brummer Cup finalist in summer 2021. Brothers are active with sorority philanthropies and a strong partner to the local Jewish community. The Chapter hosted a haunted house at Halloween to benefit Mazon, a Jewish hunger response agency.


Theta (University of Pennsylvania)

Brothers are strong academically and diverse, with nine international students in the Chapter. Recruitment is deferred to spring per university policy; if you know any students attending Penn who might make good ZBT brothers, please submit a recruitment referral.

Alpha Nu (Muhlenberg College)

The Chapter has participated in several events this semester. The Brotherhood successfully partnered with a sorority on campus, Phi Mu, for its Get on the Ball campaign. Some of their brothers even participated in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament hosted by the Interfraternity Council as part of a charity campaign for the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley. In terms of brotherhood bonding, they have done events such as movie nights, secret Santa, basketball in the fieldhouse and an intense game of assassins.

A unique thing the Alpha Nu Chapter has done this year was The Ultimate Chanukah Bash with Chabad Serving Muhlenberg. It was an event that garnered a lot of support, the brothers were extremely enthusiastic and all had an amazing time. From lighting the candle to eating jelly donuts and latkes, it was a fantastic way to bring the entire campus community together in celebration. They cannot wait to collaborate in the near future!

This year the Chapter elected five recently initiated brothers to the incoming Executive Board starting in January 2022. The brothers are so proud of them and excited to see what they accomplish.

  • Operations Director: Davis I. Miller, 2024
  • Communication Director: Noah A. Berger, 2024
  • Brotherhood Development Director: Joshua R. Chait, 2024
  • Recruitment Director: Eli H. Coopersmith, 2023
  • Programming Director: Will G. Kalmanoff, 2024

Alpha Psi (Pennsylvania State University)

Alpha Psi is 70 brothers strong. A new Executive Board was elected in November and this group is showing great progress in Standards of Excellence so far, among the top three chapters at the end of the academic term.

Alpha Tau (Franklin & Marshall College)

The Chapter has hosted many great activities, including brotherhood events and an alumni meet and greet at their open house. Alpha Tau was proud to celebrate its Chartering Ceremony this fall.

Some interesting internships:

  • William A. Argo, 2022, brand marketing intern, Volvo Car USA
  • Samuel S. Chumsky, 2022, intern, Lancaster Barnstormers

Beta Phi (University of Pittsburgh)




The Chapter has been very active, with events and successes including: setting a new Chapter record for Get on the Ball; going to Michigan State University to initiate the Founding Father class of the Beta Epsilon Prospective Chapter; cleaning up a designated section of adopted highway; hosting a Date Party, which was a blast; preparing to hold a large Hanukkah bash in conjunction with Chabad on Campus (funded by a ZBT Chapter Heritage Grant!).

On Nov. 4, Zeta Beta Tau and Sigma Delta Tau had a mixer at a San Holo concert at Stage AE in downtown Pittsburgh.

Brother news:

  • Eli M. Spotts, 2024, (initiated recently) was elected vice president of finance in his business fraternity.
  • Matthew I. Gutkin, 2023, received an offer for an internship at D E Shaw in the heart of New York City.
  • Raphael A. Berlin, 2023, is the president of the local Chabad on Campus.
  • Avishai S. Moses, 2024, is a founder of a startup called Potluck.
  • Amit Levin, 2024, re-founded Pitt’s Wrestling Club.

It’s Great to Be!

Beta Alpha Chi (York College of Pennsylvania)

The Chapter is busy with many activities and philanthropy events, including: on-campus car wash; Pie a Brother philanthropy; canned food drive with Tri State Shredding; brotherhood event at a movie theater; cooking a meal as a Chapter to celebrate Thanksgiving; s’mores night with a sorority; and visiting the statue of a brother erected by the campus two years after he passed away.

Brother Jason R. Brandel, 2022, a senior, has accepted a spring internship with Reading Royals hockey team.

Zeta Xi (Gannon University)

Zeta Xi has strong advisory support. The campus is a small fraternity community. If you know any students attending Gannon who might make good ZBT brothers, please submit a recruitment referral.

Rhode Island

Rho Iota (University of Rhode Island)

The Chapter is among the largest groups in ZBT and on campus at URI due to very strong recruitment skills. Brothers hosted a Gift of Life swab drive earlier this month and elections have been held. Alumni interested in assisting in financial management and/or operational capacity with the Rho Iota Chapter should contact ZBT International Headquarters.

South Carolina

Eta Alpha (Clemson University)

The Founding Fathers are close in their new Brotherhood. Prospective Chapter officers have been elected. Brothers continue to work with ZBT International Headquarters on Founding Father education.


Alpha Gamma (Vanderbilt University)

Brothers recently served on a panel for the Zeta Beta Tau international entities. New officers have been elected for the upcoming year and the Chapter has about 80 undergraduate brothers. The Vanderbilt campus has struggled due to fraternity life protests over the past 18 months.

Gamma Mu (University of Memphis)




Huge thanks to all of the alumni who came out for Gamma Mu alumni weekend Nov. 6 and 7 for the Chapter’s 15-year re-founding anniversary. The undergraduate and alumni brothers all had a great time.

Coleby R. Stout, 2024, was elected to serve as the next Interfraternity Council president for 2022.






Lambda (University of Texas)

The largest chapter in the Fraternity, Lambda Chapter has strong operations and risk prevention procedures. The Chapter is well-regarded on campus and has a strong leadership presence in the Interfraternity Council. The Chapter hosted University President Jay Hartzell in November to speak to brothers.


Delta Xi (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Besides the Chapter’s Chartering Ceremony in October, brothers have been celebrating Jewish holidays with Virginia Tech Hillel, engaging in service opportunities around campus and hosting their brotherhood retreat. The Chapter has almost 60 brothers and a strong local alumni association.


Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Brothers went paintballing in early November. It was a great way for brothers to bond with each other. The Chapter has had multiple fundraisers at restaurants in Madison for Alzheimer’s Association of America.