2016-2017 in Review

The most recent school year was the first in the organization’s Brotherhood for a Lifetime Strategic Plan 2015-2020. The 2016-2017 Annual Report highlighted those incredible accomplishments of our Fraternity while exploring how ZBT will continue on its path toward becoming a better organization.

The accomplishments of our brothers are amazing — philanthropy and service hours reported have jumped, we were leaders nationwide in the fight against sexual assault on college campuses, academics have improved, our connection to the Jewish community has strengthened and our Brotherhood has grown steadily. Alumni support of the fraternity is stronger than ever, and we have added new opportunities for alumni and undergraduates to connect and learn from each other.

A five-year plan to take the Brotherhood to new heights

ZBT began a thoughtful, in-depth strategic planning process in 2014 with the goal of creating a new five-year plan. The planning team spent months interviewing brothers of all ages, learning from campus professionals, engaging with partner organizations and setting goals. In 2015, the strategic priorities were finalized and adopted by the Supreme Council and Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Board of Directors. Staff and volunteers set to work adding action items and mapping growth patterns. The result was bold new strategy that sets Zeta Beta Tau apart from our interfraternal peers and takes the Brotherhood to new heights.

The successes we have experienced over the first two years of the Strategic Plan wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our talented undergraduates, alumni and friends.

We are already working to take ZBT to the next level as part of the second year of the Strategic Plan. Through 2020, many people will be working toward these goals to make our Fraternity the best it can be. There’s never been a better time to be a ZBT.