Alumni & Chapter News

Old House, New Life

When the National Permanent Endowment Fund (N.P.E.F.) took the University of Michigan ZBT chapter house under its umbrella in 2008, the house’s condition was critical. Needing major attention, our team of staff and volunteers set to work creating a plan to bring this tired facility back to life.

After renting the facility to other fraternities after a brief chapter absence from the University, the N.P.E.F. has worked diligently to revitalize the facility to once again serve as a home to our brothers at the University of Michigan.

After undergoing a major renovation, the facility is now a place of which we can be proud. Employing Krittenbrink Architecture, James S. Jackson and Company construction, and a team of skilled craftsmen, the project quickly took shape. The facility now boasts enhanced living, dining and outdoor entertaining spaces. Housing 35 brothers, we are confident that this space will enhance their educational pursuits and provide space for brotherhood to thrive.

We hope alumni will take the opportunity to visit the formal living room, have a meal in our refinished dining room or walk the halls with our brothers to see the work that has been done.  As alumni, we hope you will partner with us in working with the undergraduates to keep the property in the condition it was given to them post renovation and join us in growing the pride we share for what is building to become a strong chapter on campus and within ZBT.  Following this fall recruitment period, the chapter is likely to have more than 100 brothers for the first time in decades.

Below we have captured some of the before and after pictures so you can see the work that has been done so far.

If you are interested in learning how the N.P.E.F. might be able to help you in the management, upkeep or renovation of your chapter’s facility, contact us at