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Standards of Excellence (SOE)

Zeta Beta Tau’s chapter accreditation program, Standards of Excellence (SOE), is how the Fraternity recognizes and assesses chapter performance in key areas like operations, education and brotherhood activities. Chapter leaders are required to submit reports on their activities throughout the calendar year. Accreditation is reviewed and reported each summer at International Convention.

This Chapter News listing includes each Chapter’s 2022 SOE status, Accredited or Not Accredited. If a chapter is not accredited, it typically means they did not communicate, did not reach minimum operations and/or submit required information. If you have specific questions about a chapter, accreditation or would like to get involved as a Chapter Advisor or volunteer supporting SOE, learn more.

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Psi (University of Alabama)

Brothers are very involved on campus, such as supporting sorority philanthropies, and initiatives like Greek DEI Week and IFC events. The Chapter has initiated 27 new brothers so far in fall and sent three delegates to 2023 International Convention.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Phi Theta Gamma (Lyon College)

Brothers had a movie night with popcorn and snacks and a mixer with Chi Omega in September. They took part in Club Carnival at the start of the term. Brothers Blayne Griffin and Joshua Archer, both Executive Board officers, served as delegates at ZBT’s 2023 International Convention. Five brothers graduated from the Chapter in May.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona)

Family weekend was enjoyed by hundreds in early October. The Chapter participated in the IFC’s Greek tailgate before the UTEP game in September. Homecoming was Nov. 3 to 5 with a barbecue and tailgate before the game at the chapter house. Read the summer chapter newsletter here.

Alpha Omicron earned an award from ZBT this year, the Barry D. Siegel Award for outstanding recruitment among campuses with more than 20,000 undergraduates.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Gamma Tau (Arizona State University)

Gamma Tau Chapter grew by 27 new brothers this fall. Family weekend was in early September.  Brothers participated in the ASU Delta Gamma’s philanthropy.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Alpha Delta in Southern California

Brothers enjoyed tailgating with some of the Alpha Omicron Chapter brothers during the USC-University of Arizona football game Oct. 27. The Trojans won, 43-41.

Since disaffiliating from the university last year, the University Park Interfraternity Council is thriving. Zeta Beta Tau is a member in good standing and an active leader in the IFC. Brothers remain involved as USC students in clubs such as Trojan Investing Society, ROTC, intramural sports and more.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Alpha Eta (University of California, Berkeley)

Chapter leaders are looking to apply for their charter from Zeta Beta Tau this year. After recruitment events such as barbecue, yard game Olympics and broomball, 10 new brothers joined the Prospective Chapter. Over the summer, brothers enjoyed sporting events, hiking and travel.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Alpha Rho (University of California-Los Angeles)

After renovations, brothers were moving into a new house this semester. 25 brothers joined the chapter during fall recruitment.

In July, brothers offered service and support at the Boys and Girls’ Club of LA when the Surfing Rabbi, Rabbi Nachum Shifren, visited the children.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Eta Mu (California Polytechnic State-San Luis Obispo)

The Chapter’s fall philanthropy was a car wash with proceeds supporting Hawthorne Elementary, a local school with whom the Chapter has a long-term service relationship. Chapter leaders had an Executive Board retreat before start of term. Two chapter leaders served as event interns with ZBT at 2023 International Convention: Finnian K. Carpenter, Brotherhood Development Director, and Daniel M. Cianchetti, Operations Director. Twenty-three new brothers joined the chapter during fall recruitment. Many families enjoyed Moms Weekend in early November.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Beta Lambda (San Diego State University)

Thirty new brothers joined the chapter in fall after recruitment events such as field games and pickup basketball. A new Executive Board took the lead in October. Around Halloween, Beta Lambda hosted a haunted house philanthropy with proceeds going to American Friends of Soroka Medical Center (Israel).

2022 SOE: Accredited


Eta Upsilon (Santa Clara University)

Over summer, brothers enjoyed fishing, hiking, water sports and time spent with each other. Eta Upsilon earned an award from ZBT this year, the Barry D. Siegel Award for outstanding recruitment among campuses with fewer than 10,000 undergraduates.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Gamma Beta (California State University-Northridge)

Gamma Beta has welcomed 32 new brothers so far this fall. Great recruitment events included inflatable games, video games and a well-attended alumni barbecue. The Chapter is very involved in intramural sports and sorority philanthropies and events.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Gamma Xi (University of California-Santa Barbara)

Brother Nicholas L. Broms, 2025, earned the Douglas L. Maine-Jerome Heffer Award for ZBT’s 2023 Chapter President of the Year. Chapter brothers took part in ZBT’s Combatting Campus Antisemitism and Israel Now! programs in October.

Brothers are very adventurous, and regularly enjoy skateboarding, diving, water and snow sports, biking and more.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Beta Alpha Theta (University of Colorado Boulder)

Recruitment events included a cookout at the house, watching NFL and MLB games and a trip to play Topgolf. Through a Fall 2023 Clothing Drive, the IFC community donated over 700 pounds of clothing and 25 pairs of shoes to a local Salvation Army.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Iota (University of Denver)

The Iota Chapter house received new carpet and some fresh paint as well as new living room furniture over summer. Thank you to the advisors and house corporation directors for their support. Iota Chapter continues to have some of the top alumni communications in the Fraternity, earning the  Omega Cup for Outstanding Publications this year from ZBT.

So far in 2023, Iota has grown by 20 new brothers after recruitment events like paintball, cookout and basketball at the house. Congratulations to the 19 brothers who were on the Dean’s List in spring.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Eta Omicron (Quinnipiac University)

The Chapter has grown by 20 brothers so far this fall. Brothers helped with freshman move-in, and had recruitment events including an NFL watch party and a formal dinner. The Chapter won a sorority’s Frisbee Fest philanthropy event in September and a different sorority charitable dodgeball tournament. The brothers hosted a bake sale to support the Israel Defense Forces and Red Cross relief fund in late October.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Epsilon Theta (University of Delaware)

October was an exciting month, with brothers enjoying Parents Weekend early in the month and then attending a Phillies game in the National League Championship Series soon after. Brothers are very involved in intramural basketball and softball, as well as other clubs on campus, and several have jobs/internships with UD athletics, providing support for teams in operations and marketing.

2022 SOE: Accredited

District of Columbia

Beta Psi (American University)

The Chapter won EagleTHON’s first ever Miracle Week, including its dodgeball tournament, in early October. This campaign supported Children’s National Hospital. Mid-October, Beta Psi partnered with Phi Alpha Alpha at The George Washington University to have ZBT’s Combatting Campus Antisemitism program in D.C.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Phi Alpha Alpha (The George Washington University)

In September, brothers had a team in a sorority’s soccer tournament to raise money for women’s heart health and had a brotherhood barbecue for Labor Day. They participate in intramural sports like basketball and whiffle ball.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Alpha Omega (University of Miami)

Alpha Omega moved back into the house at 1530 Liguria Ave. in August. They had a great Get on the Ball that included a car wash.

Alpha Omega Chapter was named Best Prospective Chapter, a ZBT award that goes to a new group, opened two years or less, that has stood out among the rest as one set on the path toward becoming an excellent chartered chapter.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Alpha Zeta (University of Florida)

Alpha Zeta Chapter’s work on a creative philanthropy was celebrated by ZBT with the honor of the Bolotin Innovation Award in 2023. The Chapter has welcomed 32 new brothers so far in 2023. They also hosted a tailgate with the University of North Florida brothers before the University of Florida and University of Georgia football game in Jacksonville.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Delta Iota (University of Central Florida)

Brothers are very engaged on campus. UCF has a large Greek community and ZBTs are often taking part in sorority philanthropy events, Interfraternity Council activities and intramural sports. Brothers are also very active with Chabad and Hillel.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Delta Omicron (University of Tampa)

The Chapter has welcomed 20 new brothers so far in Fall. They volunteered at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in October as part of the NFL’s Crucial Catch initiative, and also took part in a 5K. Brothers also volunteered to help set up a charitable pumpkin patch. Brothers are also very involved on campus, with intramural sports and sorority activities. Earlier in spring 2023, ZBT was named Chapter of the Year for the Tampa campus!

2022 SOE: Accredited

Eta Rho (Florida International University)

Congratulations to Eta Rho for winning the intramural flag football championship this fall! Brothers are very active in sorority philanthropy events, Interfraternity Council activities and several intramural sports.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Gamma Chi (University of South Florida)

Brothers stay busy with bonding and campus activities. They are involved in many clubs across campus, in sports like golf and educational areas like finance, and they frequently participate in sorority philanthropies. Chabad at USF hosted the chapter for a challah bake and educational session in late September. Fall ZBT brother-only events included a canoeing trip and a video game marathon. The Chapter has welcomed 22 new brothers so far this year.

2022 SOE: Accredited

University of North Florida

The UNF brothers had a food drive and social event with a sorority in late October. They have strongly engaged in hosting events in partnership with other Florida schools. This Prospective Chapter is looking to grow! If you know of any students attending UNF who might make good ZBTs, please submit a referral at

Zeta Alpha (Florida State University)

Welcome to the brothers of this newly re-established chapter in late September. They have started to get involved on campus as a Fraternity by participating in Interfraternity Council and sorority events. To assist this new group, alumni and friends can recommend future Florida State ZBTs at


Eta Lambda (Emory University)

Families of brothers enjoyed Parents Weekend in November. The Chapter had a philanthropy event with a sorority and raised funds for Israel war relief and also took part in a campuswide solidarity rally after a Jewish student was attacked in mid-November.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Xi (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Brothers are involved on campus in clubs that relate to their majors and a few for fun, like the Board Game Club. They hosted a social event at the house in mid-October for friends to come by and enjoy a muffin. Recruitment support is needed at Georgia Tech. If you know any students who might make good ZBTs, please submit a referral at

2022 SOE: Accredited


Gamma (Northwestern University)

Parents Weekend was in October and enjoyed by all. ZBT has been working with the university on major renovations to the chapter house. Every second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, brothers volunteer at a local homeless shelter, Connections for the Homeless, to help them unload their food delivery vans and stock their pantries. In November the shelter had an annual Winter Warmth clothing drive, and four brothers went and volunteered as part of the cleanup crew. The Chapter said on social media: “We want to thank Connections for the Homeless for allowing us to come give back to the Evanston community that has already given us so much to be grateful for!”

2022 SOE: Accredited

Rho (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

In early November, the Chapter hosted a powderpuff football philanthropy event to raise money for CMNH. The Chabad rabbi helped install mezuzah on every room at the house recently.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Delta Lambda (Monmouth College)

Delta Lambda Chapter earned one of ZBT’s most prestigious awards this year, the Lee Dover Award for Outstanding General Chapter Programming. This award is presented to the chapter or prospective chapter with the best overall programming in the following areas: athletics, social, bonding, alumni, service and education. They also logged the most dollars for philanthropy per brother, earning them the Joseph E. Glaser Award.

Delta Lambda has 14 great new brothers so far this year. The Chapter hosted a fundraiser for JWI as well as a powderpuff football game and a pumpkin carving event with a sorority. Homecoming was well-attended by alumni!

2022 SOE: Accredited


Alpha Alpha (Purdue University)

The Chapter has grown by 39 new brothers so far this year. The Chapter won the fall intramural volleyball championship and hosted a Gift of Life swabbing event with almost 150 new marrow registrants. Between their Get on the Ball and a Harvest Festival event, Alpha Alpha raised more than $7,300.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Beta Gamma (Indiana University Bloomington)

Beta Gamma has welcomed 36 new brothers so far in fall. In August, the Chapter hosted an event to support Kate’s Krew, which supports sarcoma cancer research, in partnership with Soho Youth Club. Brothers are very supportive of Hillel, Chabad and Israel groups on campus.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Epsilon Mu (University of Kansas)

Epsilon Mu Chapter was named the Meissner Cup winner this year as the Most Improved Chapter in ZBT for 2022-2023. And this great trend has continued in Fall 2023, with an outstanding recruitment of 53 new brothers and a strong presence on campus. The Chapter has had two family weekends so far in fall. Brothers are very supportive of Students Supporting Israel, including co-hosting an event with Athletes for Israel, as well as Hillel and Chabad.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Alpha Iota (University of Kentucky)

Alpha Iota had an outstanding recruitment, welcoming 16 new brothers in Fall 2023. This Prospective Chapter is expected to apply for its Charter from the Fraternity by the end of 2023. Brothers are involved in intramural sports and the Interfraternity Council. They had a brotherhood retreat at a cabin on a lake in September.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Sigma (Tulane University)

The Sigma Chapter was in the finals of November’s IFC basketball tournament! From spring, the GPA of the new brother class was fourth highest on campus. New brothers also are participating in a pilot educational program on behalf of all of Zeta Beta Tau.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Beta Zeta Epsilon (University of Maryland – College Park)

Get on the Ball was in early November, followed by Parents Weekend. Brothers work with Chabad on service events and activities frequently. The annual brotherhood retreat in the mountains was enjoyed by all.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Eta Kappa (Towson University)

Green Light Go! is one of the Chapter’s core philanthropic events and an official ZBT program. It was held Nov. 3. Green Light Go! raises awareness about sexual assault, promotes consent, bystander intervention and healthy relationships.

In late October, brothers took a tour of the Baltimore County Fire Station and learned about police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics for First Responders’ Day.

Eta Kappa won the fall IFC Basketball Championship!

2022 SOE: Accredited


Xi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The Xi Chapter had the top GPA in the Fraternity this year, earning them the Bijur Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement as a chapter. The Chapter has grown by 15 new brothers so far in fall. They are involved in intramural sports, fans of music and share a love of exploring Boston.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Omicron (Tufts University)

Recruitment events included combat archery and game night and a barbecue. Brothers are involved in a wide variety of activities on campus, including Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, sports clubs and multicultural student associations.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Epsilon Phi (Brandeis University)

Recruitment events included a bonfire, basketball and a mixer with a sorority. Through the fall, brothers have been fundraising for the campus Relay for Life event that supports cancer research. Brothers are involved in sports on campus including swimming, track and golf.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Gamma Psi (Northeastern University)

Undergraduates and alumni went to the Penn-Harvard game as a brotherhood event in mid-November. Recruitment events included an NFL watch party, spikeball and cards. Brothers got together over summer for a paintball outing.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Theta Alpha (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

Brothers are involved in a lot of campus activities, including student government, chess club, finance society and sports clubs like swimming, weightlifting and wrestling. Nine new brothers joined the chapter this fall after recruitment events including poker, bowling, pizza and an NFL watch party.

Proceeds from a late October philanthropy, Pie a Zeeb, went to support Jewish Women International.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Beta Epsilon (Michigan State University)

We are proud to announce this Prospective Chapter applied to receive its charter in August 2023 and was approved by the Supreme Council. Plans for a celebration are under discussion.

The Chapter is over 30 brothers, with the most popular majors being engineering, statistics and criminal justice. They have the second highest GPA among IFC groups. In the previous semester, Beta Epsilon raised $5,800 for several philanthropies, including participating in Dance Marathon.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Omega (University of Missouri)

The new Executive Officers began their terms in mid-November. The Chapter sold brownies and hot chocolate to support research relating to a congenital syndrome also in November. Homecoming and a paintball outing were among the brotherhood events so far this year. Brothers play intramural football and soccer. Omega Chapter won the Alexander “Babe” Lewin Award for Excellence in Alumni Outreach & Programming from ZBT this year.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Alpha Xi (Washington University-St. Louis)

The historic home of the Alpha Xi Chapter is in need of repairs, and the Chapter leadership is working with ZBT National Housing on this project. If any alumni or supporters are interested in volunteering with the Chapter on operations or housing management, contact ZBT by emailing or calling 317-334-1898.

2022 SOE: Accredited

New Jersey

Beta Delta (Rutgers State University of New Jersey)

Homecoming was mid-October and a great group of alumni joined the undergraduate brothers at the game. Eight new brothers joined Beta Delta in the fall so far and Homecoming was enjoyed by a good group of brothers, new and old. In early November, the Chapter ran a clothing and food drive with Sigma Delta Tau benefitting a local charity. They were among a select group of chapters to host ZBT’s Combatting Campus Antisemitism program, too.

Past Chapter President Justin Moskowitz, 2025, was elected to serve as 2024 IFC President.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Epsilon Tau (Fairleigh Dickinson University-Madison)

Brothers are very involved in campus, starting with welcoming new students and continuing into campus and other student organization events. Brothers have a wide variety of majors but share a love of games, animals and ZBT, of course. In November, the Chapter hosted a great Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry collection drive.

2022 SOE: Accredited

New York

Gamma (New York University)

The Chapter won the 2023 award for Best Brotherhood Event, recognizing their progressive dinner that helps brothers grow together and discuss fraternal values. They recently enjoyed serenading sororities on campus as part of the Big Brother/Little Brother matching celebration.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Kappa (Cornell University)

The Chapter welcomed brothers back to campus with a backyard barbecue. Brothers are mostly from New York state and have a wide variety of majors and academic interests. The Interfraternity Council had a dodgeball tournament to support Big Red THON, a Children’s Miracle Network supporting event, and Parents Weekend in November.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Omicron (Syracuse University)

Omicron Chapter has happily welcomed 28 new brothers in fall. Over Labor Day, brothers had a blast participating in a Chapterwide golf tournament. In early November, brothers worked with Athletes For Israel and with Syracuse’s Jewish community to send humanitarian aid packages to Israel.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Delta (Columbia University)

It’s been a tough fall with the climate on campus, but the Chapter has worked to plan an alumni event and several educational programs. New officers started in their roles in early November. Brothers are strongly participating in ZBT International Headquarters programming.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Delta Zeta (Pace University)

Brothers are passionate about the success of the Chapter, though the Pace community overall is small and recruitment has been a struggle. Brothers are working to grow the educational workshops and complete Standards of Excellence accreditation in late 2023.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Epsilon Delta (Binghamton University)

The Chapter marked the second highest GPA among Interfraternity Council groups for the spring semester. Recruitment events included a barbecue, taco night, video games and time with brothers. Family weekend was in early October, and the following week the IFC hosted a soccer tournament to benefit Magen David Adom.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Epsilon Nu (State University of New York-Oneonta)

In early November, the Chapter partnered with the Environmental Sustainability Club for a town-wide trash cleanup and were able to remove over 10 bags of trash from local streets and public property. Brothers play intramural flag football and basketball. Epsilon Nu Chapter was awarded by ZBT service partner Gift of Life for being the top supportive chapter in the Fraternity last year.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Eta Iota (State University of New York-Plattsburgh)

In September, brothers volunteered at the Dash for SAS Color Blast 5K, benefitting the campus  Sexual Assault Services Program. Alumni weekend was enjoyed Oct. 14 and 15. Brothers have leadership roles in the Pre-Med Club, the Golf Club, the Honors College and the Interfraternity Council.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

North Carolina

Eta Sigma (Elon University)

Get on the Ball was in late October! The event raised over $800 to support Children’s Miracle Network. In November, brothers participated in Greek Dance 2023 and co-sponsored a campus speaker with the Center for Leadership. Earlier in the term, recruitment events included pickup basketball, pool tournament and more games, resulting in six new brothers joining Eta Sigma.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Eta Xi (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Eta Xi earned an award from ZBT this year, the Barry D. Siegel Award for outstanding recruitment among campuses with 10,000 to 19,999 undergraduates. This great trend is continuing so far in Fall 2023 with 30 new brothers joining the chapter. The Chapter hosted a resume writing workshop on Oct. 25, and participated in several sorority philanthropies around the same time. Brother James Citrin, 2025, was elected as the IFC President — he is also Omicron Delta Kappa honor society president. Brothers also have leadership roles in Ninerthon too. They love tailgating at Niner games.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Lambda (Case Western Reserve University)

Lambda Chapter has grown by 17 new brothers so far this year after recruitment events including dodgeball, bowling, pizza and poker. Brothers are involved across campus, in activities such as Interfraternity Council, leadership societies, intramurals, cancer awareness and fundraising groups, Order of Omega and more.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Theta (University of Pennsylvania)

The Chapter has strong excitement from undergraduate and alumni brothers. They have a good partnership with Chabad and recently have co-sponsored antisemitism prevention and Israel education speakers.

Dressed as Nintendo legends, brothers helped make the wish of Jefte, a brave 10-year-old who battles a heart condition. Working with Make-A-Wish of Philadelphia, Delaware and Susquehanna Valley, they helped make his wish to go to Universal Studios & Nintendo Land in late November.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Alpha Nu (Muhlenberg College)

Several brothers are on the Hillel Executive Board, including Brother Eitan Gitlin as President; two brother serve as co-president of the intramural volleyball club; a brother is president of the Computer Science Club; and Brother Davis Miller is Interfraternity Council Vice President. Get on the Ball was in mid-October, just before continued recruitment events of bowling, poker and video game night.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Alpha Psi (Pennsylvania State University)

Alpha Psi logged the most service hours of any chapter in ZBT, earning them the Theodore G. Rich-St. Louis Alumni Association Award  for Outstanding Participation in Community Service Projects. This fall, the Chapter has hosted hazing and risk prevention speakers. Brothers share a passion for their team at THON (PSU’s children’s cancer fundraiser) and cheering for Philly sports.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Beta Alpha Chi (York College of Pennsylvania)

Beta Alpha Chi Chapter earned The Sobel Award for Outstanding Academic Improvement from ZBT after improving their GPA from semester to semester in 2022-2023. The Chapter works with sororities on campus each term to run a Sister of the Semester philanthropic program that benefits both Jewish Women International and the charity of the winning woman’s sorority. Brothers enjoyed the Interfraternity Council’s Fratsgiving just before the holiday.

2022 SOE: Accredited

Beta Phi (University of Pittsburgh)

Get on the Ball was just before recruitment. This year, the Beta Phi chapter raised nearly $1,500! The Chapter maintains a great service opportunity through an Adopt A Highway section of a local road. They host a cleanup once per term. Homecoming and a brotherhood retreat were enjoyed by all in mid-fall. Brothers have a very close relationship with Chabad.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Rhode Island

Rho Iota (University of Rhode Island)

This Chapter has been working through a conduct case with the university and their activities have been limited. ZBT staff is working closely with the brothers and university staff on the future of the Rho Iota Chapter. Alumni can help by submitting referrals for future ZBTs attending URI or spending time volunteering with the chapter.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

South Carolina

Eta Phi (College of Charleston)

This group has faced some membership challenges. If you know any students attending the College of Charleston who might make good brothers, please submit a referral. They are working on growing their reputation in a positive direction to help with recruitment. The new brothers that joined in spring are doing well.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Eta Alpha (Clemson University)

Recruitment and brotherhood events are a priority for this Prospective Chapter. Brothers take part in IFC and sorority events on campus.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Alpha Gamma (Vanderbilt University)

Brothers volunteer with Next Steps, Vanderbilt’s inclusive and transformative program for neurodiverse students. In late September, ZBT raised over $7,000 for a local domestic violence support agency through the campus’ Lights on the Lawn event. Get on the Ball was in late October, raising more than $5,000 for Children’s Miracle Network.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited

Gamma Mu (University of Memphis)

The Chapter hosts mixers with sororities frequently. Get on the Ball was early in the semester, during the involvement fair, to support Children’s Miracle Network.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Lambda (University of Texas at Austin)

Fourteen new brothers and UT students provided support to the Side by Side Foundation afterschool program, which supports kids at five economically disadvantaged locations around Austin. The brothers enjoyed kickball, magic, drawing and making paper airplanes with the kids.

Lambda Chapter won the Frauenthal Award for excellence in Intramural Sports at 2023 International Convention.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Delta Xi (Virginia Tech)

Philanthropy Week in fall was a great success, raising more than $10,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Get on the Ball, raffles, tabling and more. The weekend of Sept. 29 was parent and alumni weekend, and events surrounded the football game against University of Pittsburgh.

2022 SOE: Accredited


Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Alpha Kappa has grown by 30 brothers so far in fall. The Chapter is very involved with Chabad and, of course, supporting the Badgers in all sports. For the Spring 2023 term, the Chapter had the highest GPA among all IFC groups, with a 3.53!

The Chapter has a new website at

2022 SOE: Not Accredited


Zeta Eta (University of Western Ontario)

Brothers love pickup basketball and hockey. They have a close relationship with Chabad, and co-sponsored a food drive with them in October.

2022 SOE: Not Accredited