JWI & ZBT – Partners in Prevention Education

As a strategic partner, Jewish Women International (JWI) serves as advocate for and partner in ZBT’s mission and strategic plan to offer top-notch training to our brothers. JWI’s reach extends far beyond just women and Jewish communities and their impact can be felt in diverse communities across the globe. Two of the ways in which JWI continues to support and impact ZBT brothers are through their Safe Smart Dating and Green Light: Go! programs.

Safe Smart Dating

Since its debut in 2013, Safe Smart Dating has served Zeta Beta Tau as a program that seeks to offer a holistic approach to prevention education. Developed in partnership with Sigma Delta Tau Sorority and Jewish Women International, Safe Smart Dating serves as one of the premier national workshops on dating abuse and sexual assault for the Greek community on college campuses. In the last five years, Safe Smart Dating has been offered on 41 campuses and over 3,000 Greek men and women have participated.

Safe Smart Dating helps college students define, identify, and prevent dating abuse and sexual violence on campus. Safe Smart Dating is an interactive educational program designed to explore campus culture, define healthy relationships and train participants on how to be active bystanders.

This program continues to receive praise and recognition from not only within the Fraternity, but also from our external stakeholders. In fact, Safe Smart Dating received a $50,000 grant from the Jewish Social Change Matching Fund and the North-American Interfraternity Conference’s Laurel Wreath Award, which is presented to individuals or groups in recognition of their unique programs, community outreach or influence within the fraternal world.

Having both males and females as part of the program is extremely important. “It was good to have both genders discuss so we could hear both sides of the conversation,” said one student participant.

Another student shares, “It brought up interesting ideas about dating abuse when you’re in close proximity or have mutual friends with the abuser.” Twenty other students agree with that statement, echoing this program was helpful. 

If you are interested in hosting Safe Smart Dating on your campus, contact Director of Wellness and Harm Reduction Nancy Schwartz at nschwartz@zbtnational.org.

Green Light: Go!

Everyone’s talking about bystander intervention, but no one is really, honestly talking about why things are the way they are. Why do girls have to protect their drinks? Why do some guys think it’s okay to have sex with girls who are unconscious? And why do some people think it’s acceptable to keep hooking up when their partner said no or is clearly not into it?

Green Light: Go! is ZBT’s newest endeavor with our philanthropic partner, JWI. It’s a campaign created to raise awareness, change attitudes across the U.S. and start to break down why these situations occur.

So, what is Green Light: Go!? For starters, it is the chance to ignite a conversation on campus that can really make a difference. Green Light: Go! is ZBT’s major philanthropic event for the Fund for Safe and Healthy Campuses. Money raised for this fund will allow JWI to create programs that not only educate students about healthy relationships and bystander intervention, but also position our men as leaders in changing the culture on campus and being examples of the very best of the fraternal world.

“With all of the continuous reveals of sexual violence among world leaders … it has never been more important for young male leaders to show that we are better than our predecessors,” said Epsilon Chi President Noah VanderVeer-Harris, Epsilon Chi (University of California – Davis) 2020. “We use Green Light: Go! to empower the women around us to say ‘no’ whenever they feel the need, and for the men to learn to ask for that consent and respect when it is revoked. Nobody has a right to anyone else’s body without asking.”

Green Light: Go! is a campus-wide game of Red Light, Green Light. Partner with other groups on campus, get a guest speaker or emcee, set up a donation site, and find a large and open space to play. It’s that easy! This is a way to bring attention to this serious issue, learn from others about sexual consent and have fun.

Interested in hosting Green Light: Go! On your campus? Check out our website and our event toolkit for more information. Have questions? Contact Director of Jewish Programs and Strategic Partnerships Sheri Rosenberg at srosenberg@zbtnational.org.


Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity is committed to teaching our brothers, as well as the greater campus communities, about the importance of safe and healthy sexual relationships. Having male young adults that are involved in Greek organizations bringing these tough topics up in discussion is vital in making sure they will not partake in these actions and will not sit idly by if they see this type of behavior.