Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

ZBT’s Effort to Combat Campus Anti-Semitism

Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is pleased to announce a generous $250,000 commitment from The Alexander M. Nick and Ellen M. Nick Foundation in support of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation’s Heritage Initiative and in particular ZBT’s Combatting Campus Anti-Semitism Initiative.

To help combat the growing trend of anti-Semitism and hate on the college campus, Zeta Beta Tau has partnered with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to offer their Words to Action program tailored to undergraduate students within the Greek community on campuses around the country. As the world’s first Jewish Fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau remains in the unique position to serve as a convener on college campuses to address one of the deepest issues facing our brothers and their peers today: anti-Semitism.

“It was my good fortune and great honor to have had Al and Ellen Nick as my good friends and clients for over 34 years,” said Harold R. Oseff, Esq., Eta (University of Michigan) 1968, who serves as Vice President for The Alexander M. Nick and Ellen M. Nick Foundation. “Al and Ellen were wonderful people and always helped those in need. Their friends were from all races and religions, and they did not tolerate discrimination against others in any form.”

“Al and Ellen trusted us, the three trustees of their private foundation, to carry out their wishes by using the assets of the Foundation to support those programs and organizations that would adhere to their philosophy to help others and fight discrimination. It gives the trustees of The Alexander M. Nick and Ellen M. Nick Foundation pleasure to support the outstanding program, Combatting Campus Anti-Semitism, as part of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation’s Heritage Initiative.”

Alexander M. Nick was an entrepreneur, philanthropist, conservationist and sportsman. Mr. Nick was born in 1924 and raised in the era of the Great Depression. He learned at an early age the value of hard work and the skills necessary to start and run a business. Mr. Nick served our country proudly during World War II in the U.S. Army during the European campaign and was wounded in action. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Nick owned and operated several industrial and manufacturing companies throughout his career, as well as managing real estate and investment opportunities. Mr. Nick served on the Board of Directors of the St. John Hospital Guild for 25 years and served one term as its President, in addition to supporting other charitable organizations.

Along with his wife, Ellen, who predeceased him, he lived life to the fullest engaging in hobbies from the ownership of race horses to the growing of orchids. Although Mr. Nick was not Jewish, throughout his life he supported organizations that fought discrimination in all forms, which included fighting anti-Semitism. Mr. Nick passed away on March 4, 2011.

“We are so appreciative of The Alexander M. Nick and Ellen M. Nick Foundation and its trustees for the generous pledge toward our Heritage Initiative,” said Zeta Beta Tau Foundation President Jerry N. Katz, CPA, Alpha Rho (University of California – Los Angeles) 1976. “We are thrilled to add this commitment to others made in support of the Combatting Campus Anti-Semitism Initiative including a generous $275,000 commitment from Alfred (Al) K. Berg, Omicron (Syracuse University) 1973 and his wife, Gayle. Over $600,000 has already been pledged toward this effort.”

The Heritage Initiative enables ZBT to continue to engage young Jewish men and provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for them to explore their Jewish identity. Gifts in support of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation may be made online.

The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is a nonprofit corporation exclusively committed to educational and charitable purposes that assist the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. The Foundation assists the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity by funding scholarships and academic and leadership programs to maximize their personal development and prepare them to be leaders of society.