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Alumni and Chapter News

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Psi, University of Alabama

Faron Lewitt, Psi (University of Alabama) 1997 recently celebrated 5 years of marriage with the trip to Italy and Greece.  Also, celebrated 22 years on staff with Zeta Beta Tau (Fraternity and Foundation) on March 1, 2020.


Alpha Omicron, University of Arizona

Justin Brossart, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona ) 2019 would like to thank all of the ZBT brothers I have met throughout my time in college as well as after graduation. I recently got a marketing degree from the Eller College of Management and graduated in December of 2019 from the University of Arizona. Since then, I have been working for Sandor Development Company in Scottsdale, Arizona while being mentored by ZBT’s own Jay Stein (Alpha Omicron). I love the work I am doing and am thankful for the opportunity. It is great to be a ZBT!!!

Heath Goldman, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1992 is thrilled to announce that my daughter, Sydney Goldman, is currently a member of the Israel National Softball Team. She will be representing the country in the European Championships in June in Italy.


Alpha Rho, UCLA

Alan Feldstein, Alpha Rho (UCLA) 1977 is the owner of Infinite Safari Adventures, a custom African Safari company that organizes safaris throughout Eastern and Southern Africa. In April, Alan is personally leading a group of 10 veterinarians to South Africa to do some rhino conservation work. Also, as Infinite Safari Adventures philosophy is to also give back, as part of the trip each participant is donating funds to build gardens at two local schools. These gardens will be used to grow food to feed the school children.

Beta Pi, California State University Long Beach

Melvyn Frumes, Beta Pi (California State University Long Beach) 1962 is enjoying the very fresh air of Montgomery, New York whilst retired from the practice of law. Living with family back East is a delight and extremely rewarding. While having no children of my own, I am surrounded by nieces and a nephew, each with children.  My brother’s grandchildren and great grandchildren are nearby as well, ranging from 7 months to 28 years of age.  Anyone who wants to visit me is welcome as I have a suite in a Bed and Breakfast operated by my niece.

Gamma Beta, California State University at Northridge

Gordon Sanchez, Gamma Beta (California State University at Northridge) 1977 married & divorced with kids a couple times. Three sons (one died at 6 days) and one daughter. Joined USAF.  Licensed roofing contractor in CA. CPA in CA and in AZ.  Was a Boy Scout in the 60s and an adult leader in BSA with my sons & beyond 1991 to present. Several awards & honors there, but the best part is turning out well-prepared young men into the world who go on to serve God, country & family. I am a child of God, serving Him in my daily life and blessed by Him always. Volunteer a lot: church, Kingman and Payson AZ Rodeo Committees, BSA, other good local causes. Looking to retire next year and enjoy more of what life has in store for me.

Gamma Xi, University of California, Santa Barbara


Bernard Gans, Gamma Xi (UCSB) 1970 and Brothers who graduated in 1970, along with those who graduated in 1969 and 1971 will be having a 50th Annual Reunion in April 2020. These brothers were the founding members of the chapter which began in 1967. The Reunion will be held in Santa Barbara in conjunction with the school’s reunion weekend.

Preston Maag, Gamma Xi (UC Santa Barbara) 2019 attended the Santa Barbara International Film Festival late January 2020 for his directorial premiere of the film 10 Miles Out. His film was featured as part of the closing night series in the Arlington Theater, seating over 2500 people.

Gamma Beta, California State University at Northridge

Gordon Sanchez, Gamma Beta (California State University at Northridge) 1977 married & divorced with kids a couple times. Three sons (one died at 6 days) and one daughter. Joined USAF.  Licensed roofing contractor in CA. CPA in CA and in AZ.  Was a Boy Scout in the 60s and an adult leader in BSA with my sons & beyond 1991 to present. Several awards & honors there, but the best part is turning out well-prepared young men into the world who go on to serve God, country & family. I am a child of God, serving Him in my daily life and blessed by Him always. Volunteer a lot: church, Kingman and Payson AZ Rodeo Committees, BSA, other good local causes. Looking to retire next year and enjoy more of what life has in store for me.

Eta Zeta, Chico State

Cody Holliday, Eta Zeta (Chico State) 2005 in August of 2019, after 12 years working as a para Educator with the RJUHSD, I accepted a full time teaching position at Oakmont High School in Roseville, Ca, working with the Severe/Multiple Disabilities program. I am currently in the P.C.O.E. intern program and will have my preliminary teaching credential in August of 2021.


Iota, University of Denver

Ronald Levine, Iota (Univ. of Denver) 1951 graduated Univ of Louisville School of Medicine 1959, Residency Ob/Gyn 1960-63, Professor Dept Ob/Gyn 63-1983, Outstanding Teacher Award Resident class 1999, Past President Amer. Assoc. Gyn Laparoscopists 1998, Co-Edited 5 Books on Laparoscopy, 3 children- 4 grandchildren.


Eta Omicron, Quinnipiac University

Mike Fishman, Eta Omicron, (Quinnipiac University) 2014 got engaged to Alicia Mulgrew in August of last year.


This year, Eta Omicoron took 22 new brothers that have been initiated into the fraternity. We have also began raising donations for our B+ fundraiser which we expect to eclipse over $13,000 this year.


Alpha Omega, University of Miami

Norman Waas, Alpha Omega (University of Miami) 1982 In addition to serving as the International President of Zeta Beta Tau, I am also serving as the President of the Miami Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates.

Alpha Zeta, University of Florida

At Alpha Zeta Chapter at the University of Florida, we’re committed to upholding the highest of standards that ZBT holds. Having one of the highest fraternity GPAs, brothers holding officer positions in some of the university’s most prestigious organizations, and even performing well in athletics, Alpha Zeta truly represents what it is to be a brother of Zeta Beta Tau.

Delta Iota, University of Central Florida

Brandon Goldberg, Delta Iota (University of Central Florida) 2011 married Julie Bunson in Key Largo, FL on November 3rd, 2019.


Xi (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Andy Park, Xi (Georgia Institute of Technology) 2016, 2019 blew past like I couldn’t believe:  Got married, Moved to Baltimore from Philadelphia, Started working for Northrop Grumman doing Radar Systems Engineering, Graduated from Penn State w/ M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering and Started part-time MBA at Johns Hopkins.


Alpha Beta, University of Chicago

Barry Kirschenbaum, Alpha Beta (University of Chicago) 1957 moved from Chicago a year and a half ago to Sarasota Florida. I love it – it is paradise!

Gamma Eta, Bradley University

Ronald Deitch, Gamma Eta (Bradley University) 1968 is engaged to be married during July 2020. I continue to consult companies and individuals via Behavioral Assessments and coaching.

Abby Hans, Gamma Eta (Bradley University ) 1969 is celebrating our 79th year in business…Checkexpress. Celebrating Sharyl and my 50th Wedding Anniversary. Proud Founder and President of Back2School Illinois (B2SI) 501c3. Looking forward to our Gamma Eta Reunion 2020 in Chicago’s Northern suburb of Long Grove.

Steve Wasserman, Gamma Eta (Bradley University) 1968  says the ZBT Gamma Eta Chapter is having a reunion for all past members and affiliates the weekend of October 3, 2020 at Twin Orchard Country Club in Long Grove, IL.  A full weekend is planned and hotel arrangements have been made for out-of-towners. For further information please contact Bobby Sachs at

Rho, University of Illinois

Bertram Fields, Rho (University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign) 1949 just came out with a new book called: “Summing up: a Professional Memoir, available on Amazon.


Beta Gamma, Indiana University

Ken Brandt, Beta Gamma (Indiana University) 1988’s daughter Brittany has recently married Corey Lasky, a former collegiate Jewish baseball player – lefty to boot! I’m expecting great things from this couple when their future kids come of age. Perhaps the next Jewish lefty ballplayer!


Sigma, Tulane University

Brian Hoffman, Sigma (Tulane) 2009 got engaged.

Anthony Pirraglia, Sigma (Tulane University) 2007 was elected Partner at Thompson & Knight LLP, a full-service law firm with approximately 300 lawyers and offices worldwide.


Beta Zeta Epsilon, University of Maryland

BJ Levin, Beta Zeta Epsilon (University of Maryland-College Park) 2003 married Jill Colwell August 2019, had little baby girl Jan 16 2020 named Baer Harlow Levin.

Eta Kappa, Towson University

The Eta Kappa chapter at Towson University was awarded at the National Convention for being the most involved chapter with Jewish Women International. We are looking forward to winning more awards at future conventions.


Epsilon Phi, Brandeis University

Leon Rotenstein, Epsilon Phi (Brandeis University) 2019 was selected for Dean’s List at Suffolk University Law School after my first semester. This has lead me to be offered, and to accept an offer to work for the Massachusetts Attorney General this summer! En route to representing ZBT as a civil rights attorney.

At the Epsilon Phi Chapter at Brandeis University, we are deeply committed to fostering fraternal bonds. Although we are a humbly sized chapter we pride ourselves on the interconnectedness of our brothers and know that well beyond our time at Brandeis we will truly be a brotherhood for a lifetime.

Gamma Psi, Boston City Area

The Gamma Psi chapter recruited 14 new brothers this year. We are hosting an alumni event at the end of March and have so far raised over $700 towards Relay for Life.

Gamma Psi, Northeastern University

Michael McKee, Gamma Psi (Northeastern University) 1973 retired on September 23, 2016. Living in Mississippi with my wife Janice Lee. We have three grandchildren living in Ohio. I had a wonderful career as an import buyer for many retail and manufacturers. Traveled to Taiwan and China, and made many friends. I enjoyed the work and travel but am very happy in retirement.

Phi Alpha, Boston University

Gerry Weinberg, Phi Alpha (Boston University) 1961 is married with 4 children and 4 grand children and the CEO of Gerry Weinberg & Associates/Sandler Training in Michigan.

Omicron, Tufts University

Larry Hyman, Omicron (Tufts University) 1990 is married to Yaiza Garcia and living in Madrid, Spain. Two super daughters, Meghan, Washington University in St Louis 2018, and Sarah, Tulane University 2021.

This semester our chapter has revamped our new brother process, held two philanthropy events, held a heritage event by bringing a holocaust survivor to campus to speak with us. We’ve also had brotherhood BBQs and movies nights as a chapter and are working on getting a composite still in light of everything as well as revamping our financial aid program for dues as well.

Theta Alpha, UMass Amherst

Benjamin Sokol, Theta Alpha (University of Massachusetts Amherst) 2002 says after 7 years at JP Morgan, I joined Fidelity Investments as a Financial Consultant. In this role, I use the skills from my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL ADVISOR designation to help my clients customize long term plans around investments, trust and estates and education goals. While the majority of my clients are located in the greater NYC and Westchester areas, I’m able to work with any US-based client. Looking forward to connecting with other Zeebs!

Theta Alpha Chapter at UMass Amherst had an incredible year! Highlights included the chapter moving to a new house closer to campus, a tremendous recruitment cycle with roughly 30 new brothers and strengthened community relations. The chapter plans to hold their annual Senior Sendoff Barbeque this year on the first weekend in May.


Xi Chapter is one of the largest fraternities at MIT. Our Alumni will be hosting an event on graduation day in conjunction with Tech Reunions.


University of Michigan

Ian Fischler, Eta (University of Michigan) 1993 runs a successful wealth management practice for Morgan Stanley in Beverly Hills, CA.

Thomas Lewy, Phi (University of Michigan) 1958’s wife Mariel and I have moved into a retirement community here in Connecticut where I continue my Opera lectures for our many residents which preview the HD filmed performances presented by the Metropolitan Opera in New York. This season I gave 10 lectures. Having played in the viola section of the Chicago Lyric Opera for 25 years Mariel serves on our Music Committee. Glad we moved here last year. We are busy to be sure.


Alpha Xi, Washington University at St. Louis

Michael Erde, Alpha Xi (Washington University) 1965 is celebrating his 50th anniversary.


Omega, University of Missouri

Paul Kodner, Omega (University of Missouri) 2018 began working as a part-time law clerk at Edwards, Young, Edwards, & Beilenson, LLP located in STL, back in October. I was recently promoted to a Full-Time Legal Assistant. Actively trying to get into Law School as well.

Samuel Rabicoff, Omega (University of Missouri) 1970 is going to be a grandfather at the end of July! Bonnie and I are over the top!

Alan Stine, Omega (University of Missouri) 1964 will officially retire on June 30, 2020 after 30 years working for the City of Aurora, CO. The first two of those years were spent as a prosecutor and the last 28 as a Judge on the Aurora Municipal Court. Prior to that he served 23.5 years on active duty in the Judge Advocate Corps of the U S Air Force.

New Jersey

Beta Delta, Rutgers University

This year has been very good for us, we started off by gaining 20 new brothers and ended it with having a total of 25 new brothers who joined. We have been very successful in philanthropy and service and plan to be even more successful later.

Beta Mu, Rider University

Kirk Williams, Beta Mu (Rider University) 2001 is living in Hershey, PA as Ops/warehouse Management for Cameron Ashley Building Products.

New York

Delta, Columbia University 

The chapter engaged in a very successful recruitment season, nearly doubling the size of the undergraduate chapter from 13 to 25. Even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, the brothers have banded together to support one another and constantly hang out on voice calls and in our group chats. We look forward to reconnecting in the fall and continuing the positive growth of the chapter.

Epsilon Gamma, University at Albany

Anthony Fong, Epslion Gamma (University at Albany) 2011 was just awarded and is an honoree for Super Lawyers New York Metro Rising Star for 2019 (2nd year in a row), OnCon’s Icon Awards Top 50 Corporate Counsel 2020 recipient and honoree on 1/2020 and listed on the Lawyers of Color’s Power List 2020 and announced as an honoree on 2/2020.

Epsilon Nu, SUNY Oneonta

This year for Epsilon Nu has been off to a tremendous start. Last year we dealt with a tough situation, but the camaraderie since has been amazing. We raised over $1,200 for the Out of the Darkness Walk in Oneonta last fall, and look to do even better this Spring for the walk again. Just last week the brothers held a bake sale with our sister sorority Sigma Delta Tau for our respective philanthropies and raised almost $100. Lastly, we have come together and had each other’s backs. In times like today, sometimes having someone to talk to is the most important thing.

Gamma, New York University

ZBT Gamma chapter at NYU had a very successful year with a new member class of 12 respectable gentlemen in the Fall Semester. Through out the year we also raised money for the New York Dance Marathon and B+ Foundation with a total of $12,086 from our chapter.

Kappa, Cornell University

Leigh Kwait, Kappa (Cornell University) 1959 retired from Architectural Firm, The Kwait Organization, in 2009. Painting. playing Tennis and Guitar, and traveling. Enjoying children and grandsons (3).

The Zeta Beta Tau Cornell University Chapter of the Kappa Foundation welcomed 19 new brothers this year. Last fall, in honor of our late brother, Avi Pinals, we raised over $3,000 for a local Ithaca soup kitchen that Avi had volunteered at during his time at Cornell.

North Carolina

Alpha Pi, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Andrew Dodd, Alpha Pi (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 2017 accepted a new job at KeyBanc Capital Markets and moved from Pittsburgh to Chicago.

The chapter had a service event recently where we picked up a total of 20 bags of trash from an impoverished area of Durham. Also, we grew our chapter this semester by over 30% and look to grow even more next semester


Alpha Phi, Miami University of Ohio

Christopher Beck, Alpha Phi (Miami University) 1990 and his husband, James Matte, were honored by Big Apple Performing Arts on February 14, 2020 as the inaugural recipients of the newly created Fortissimo Award, presented for strong and sustained support of New York City Gay Men’s Chorus and Youth Pride Chorus.

Alpha Rho, Ohio University

Robert Max, Alpha Rho (Ohio University) 1948 is believed to be the only US WWII survivor to have escaped and survived Nazi capitivity – slave labor. Life story preserved in Holocaust Museum in Washington and WWII Museum in New Orleans, La. Published author – “The Long March Home … an American Soldier’s Life as a Nazi Slave Laborer.


Alpha Beta, Temple University

Billy Gorson, Alpha Beta (Temple University) 1972 says Life of the Monterey Bay is very very good. I’ve been spending the last 10 or 20 years as a radio talk-show host at stations like the liberal KRXA and the conservative KSCO 10:80 AM on your dial. My wife, a beaver girl, who I met in 1968 at one of our mixers died this year she was an amazing human being and has turned me into one as well.

Alpha Tau, Franklin and Marshall

Mort Segal, Alpha Tau (Franklin & Marshall) 1950 is giving talk on the Rise and Fall of the Catskills and the Comedians That Made it Famous.

The brothers of Alpha Tau hope that this message finds you safe and healthy during these uncertain times. We are happy to inform you that we have been hard at work with recruitment, brotherhood building, community service and philanthropy this past year, and we are not letting the virus stop us from being active for the rest of the semester. We have plans for online programming to continue making our community a better place and develop our brotherhood, and I hope to have some more good news to share soon!

Beta Alpha Chi, York College

This year at the beta alpha chi chapter has been an exciting year. We started a new annual fundraising event involving a dunk tank that was a huge success on campus. We are also very excited to bring the ball back to York college for the first time in some years. We had a great semester academically last semester with 9 brothers making deans list. Our chapter loves being involved with intramural sports. Our brothers were able to win 3 championships so far and we are looking to add to that total in the spring.

Beta Phi, University of Pittsburgh

Beta Phi took in a record 13 brothers this year. We are looking to win an award for individual chapter achievement at this year’s National Convention.

Theta, University of Pennsylvania

Jeff Pollock, Theta (University of Pennsylvania) 1984 is serving his 3rd term as President of ZOA: Pittsburgh — recently got engaged to Andrea Shapiro Riberi over a memorable dinner in Naples, FL with her parents and children.

Paul Rubinstein, Theta (University of Pennsylvania) 1956 retired, living in Manhattan, have son & two granddaughters who live in Illinois. I could use some sort of work from home job with flexible hours to supplement income due to high cost of living in Manhattan.

Zeta Xi, Gannon University

Zeta Xi chapter at Gannon University celebrated our 30th anniversary on February 13th 2020. We celebrated this milestone by having an alumni reunion with multiple events over the weekend of the 14th/15th of February and had a great turnout of Alumni come and celebrate 30 years of brotherhood. One of the alumni donated a plaque he had made to commemorate the event.

Rhode Island

Rho Iota, University of Rhode Island

Rho Iota Chapter initiated 40 new brothers this year. We currently have raised well over $2,000 for URI Greek Week and the Maddie Potts Foundation, with about 4 weeks of fundraising still ahead!


Lambda, University of Texas

Bennett Aaron, Lambda (University of Texas) 2012 and Robert Solimani, Lambda (University of Texas) 2009 were named Vice Presidents of Stevens Transport, the largest refrigerated trucking company in Texas and North America’s premier multi-modal, temperature-controlled freight carrier.

Craig Weiss, Lambda (University of Texas) 1990’s son Isaac Weiss initiated into Lambda Chapter of ZBT at the University of Texas at Austin in December.



Rho, University of Richmond

Larry Katz, Rho (University of Richmond) 1969 and his wife Ellen will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in June of 2020.


District of Columbia

Beta Psi, American University

We were among the top 5 Greek organizations on campus in GPA. Philanthropically, we raised money for and participated in EagleTHON, benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network, and participated in numerous sorority philanthropy events such as Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash and their Cycle for Sight. Additionally, Brother Matan Admi (’22) interned for the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C and Brother Jonathon Dickerman (’20) won his second Patriot League championship as manager of the Women’s Volleyball Team.