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Undergrads are volunteers too!

As a Brotherhood for a Lifetime, ZBT offers many opportunities for service – including for those who are just beginning their ZBT journey! Alumni and professionals provide great mentorship and life... Read More >

Spotlight: Lenny Cheah

Whether you think the West Coast or the East Coast is the best coast, the ZBT experience is the best in both places. Just ask Brother Leonard J. Cheah, Beta Lambda (San Diego State University) 2015,... Read More >

Welcome new volunteers!

International  Leadership ZBT’s board of directors is called the Supreme Council. The Council is comprised of at least 10 alumni brothers who govern the direction of the Fraternity; support the... Read More >

Thank you to 2021 volunteers

We are thankful for our dedicated volunteers who serve as advisors, committee members, board directors, facilitators and the many other roles that mentor brothers, support chapters and help the... Read More >