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International  Leadership

ZBT’s board of directors is called the Supreme Council. The Council is comprised of at least 10 alumni brothers who govern the direction of the Fraternity; support the mission of the Fraternity by working with undergraduates as advisors or mentors; attend Fraternity events such as regional programs, convention, and alumni events; and work to improve the overall Fraternity through service on various committees.

The Fraternity proudly announces the election of Brothers Laurence A. Bolotin, M.Ed., CAE, Alpha Zeta (University of Florida) 2001, and Scott E. Silberfein, Esq., Epsilon Theta (University of Delaware) 1994, to the Council for the 2022-2024 biennium.

Laurence A. Bolotin, M.Ed., CAE, Alpha Zeta (University of Florida) 2001

Brother Bolotin is Executive Director of the Loyola University Chicago Alumni Association. Previously, he was Executive Director of the Greater Chicago Area office of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and Executive Director/CEO of the Fraternity.

His volunteer roles outside of ZBT include Vice President of the Indiana University Hillel Board of Directors and Mentor at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning & Leadership.

Brother Bolotin plans to serve as an outspoken advocate for the fraternity experience through his Council role.

“Ever since I joined the fraternity, every important decision and moment in my life has been because of ZBT. The courage, leadership lessons, and responsibilities ZBT has taught me have guided me for nearly 25 years,” he said.

Brother Bolotin is based in Chicago. He is married and has one daughter.

Scott E. Silberfein, Esq., Epsilon Theta (University of Delaware) 1994

Brother Silberfein is an attorney with Moses & Singer LLP in New York City.

He has been a long-time ZBT volunteer, serving as a director for both the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation and ZBT National Housing as well as a Chapter Advisor for the Epsilon Theta Chapter.

Brother Silberfein said he hopes to positively impact the lives of current brothers, both undergraduate and alumni.

“I became re-engaged with ZBT more than 10 years ago and since then ZBT has continued to shape my life as a leader, as a volunteer and as husband, dad, and professional,” he said.

Brother Silberfein is based in Scarsdale, New York.

Chapter Leadership

Please join the Fraternity in welcoming and celebrating all newly appointed* chapter advisors in the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • Christopher M. Bogden, Alpha Psi (Pennsylvania State University) 1989, Programming Advisor to Alpha Nu at Muhlenberg
  • Howard S. Weiser, Alpha Xi (Washington University – St. Louis) 1983, Finance Advisor to Alpha Xi
  • Harold F. Widlansky, Beta Epsilon (Michigan State University) 1992, Chapter Advisor to Beta Epsilon
  • Eason G. Smith, Beta Pi (California State University – Long Beach) 2012, Chapter Advisor to Beta Pi
  • Jason D. Paulsgrove, Delta Lambda (Monmouth College) 2002, Chapter Advisor to Delta Lambda
  • Robert F. Smith, Delta Omicron (University of Tampa) 2017, Chapter Advisor to Delta Omicron
  • Jacob L. Milgrim, Epsilon Mu (University of Kansas) 2019, Chapter Advisor to Epsilon Mu
  • Todd P. Kulkin, Epsilon Phi (Brandeis University) 2007, Chapter Advisor to Epsilon Phi
  • Sami J. Katwan, Eta Mu (California Polytechnic State University) 2022, Recruitment Advisor to Eta Mu
  • Christian J. Hodosy, Eta Mu (California Polytechnic State University) 2022, Chapter Advisor to Eta Mu
  • Hayden C. Fisher, Eta Mu (California Polytechnic State University) 2022, Programming Advisor to Eta Mu
  • Kyle M. Cherry, Eta Mu (California Polytechnic State University) 2019, Finance Advisor to Eta Mu
  • David E. Rind, Delta Iota (University of Central Florida) 2014, Advisory Board Member to Eta Xi at UNC-Charlotte
  • Hunter C. Cochrane, Eta Xi (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) 2021, Programming Advisor to Eta Xi
  • Joshua B. Rodgers, Gamma Beta (California State University – Northridge) 1993, Finance Advisor to Gamma Beta
  • Evan N. Kelly, Gamma Mu (University of Memphis) 2015, Chapter Advisor to Gamma Mu
  • Evan S. Weisenfeld, Epsilon Beta (University of California – San Diego) 1990, Chapter Advisor to Gamma Psi at Northeastern
  • Robert E. Roetzel, Iota (University of Denver) 2016, Finance Advisor to Iota
  • Matthew G. Meyer, Iota (University of Denver) 2019, Finance Advisor to Iota
  • James K. Cahill, Xi (Georgia Institute of Technology) 2020, Chapter Advisor to Xi

*Through May 1