Why volunteer? ‘Undergrads keep me feeling young’

As a Brotherhood for a Lifetime, ZBT offers many opportunities for networking, celebration of traditions, personal and professional development and tikkun olam.

While these aspects are very important … don’t forget that service to the Fraternity is fun and rewarding! Meeting and mentoring current undergraduate brothers, connecting with new-to-you brothers from around the world and participating in programs and events is highly fulfilling, and that’s why so many of ZBT’s volunteers are so dedicated and energetic.

But don’t take our word for it – hear directly from some ZBT alumni brothers on why they keep giving back. Check out a list of current volunteer opportunities and apply at ZBT.org.

Seth Levine, Ed.D, CPA

Alpha Omega (University of Miami) 1984

Brother Levine is a current Supreme Councilor and past Chapter Advisor and Faculty Advisor to the Alpha Omega Chapter. Beyond those roles, he recently facilitated educational sessions at the 2022 Virtual Officer Institute. Brother Levine’s professional career is a lecturer in the Department of Accounting at University of Miami.

  • “For the same reason that I love teaching more and more after 30 years, my students and our undergraduate brothers keep me feeling young. I can easily recall just how lost I felt as a student, and how I lacked the confidence and suitable mentors to help me figure out the maze of college. I love speaking with and guiding our young brothers, especially those who I sense really desire the dialogue. They are very receptive to advice, friendly encouragement and guidance in figuring out what to study what to major in, and how to obtain internships in their desired field. “
  • “Our undergraduates are facing immense pressures brought on by social media, and I feel it’s my role to help them look past all the noise, focus on giving back to the community, and supporting their fellow brothers.”
  • “Considering the challenges brought upon by COVID-19, distance learning, and social media, we need to remind our brothers about the importance of personal and physical connectivity on campus, creating and building young men and leaders for today and for the future. The media often focuses on isolated negative issues on campus and tries to unfairly pin them on the fraternity and sorority system. There are so many positives of Greek Life and everything fraternities and sororities do for students and the community at large. It is our role to advise and guide and pay it forward for the next generation.”


Bret W. Hrbek, CFP

Delta Xi (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) 1996

Brother Hrbek serves as Vice President of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation as well as Delta Xi Alumni Association President. Previously he served on the Supreme Council and ZBT International Headquarters staff. In 2021, he was a featured panelist at International Convention in Miami. Based in Front Royal, Virginia, he is a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Consultant with Edward Jones.

  • “Even before we put our Vision Statement into words, I believe ZBT was forging leaders to better the world. I believe fraternity — and specifically ZBT — is one of the best ways we can enhance the undergraduate college experience and turn boys into productive men and members of society.
  • “Selfishly, I have three boys of my own. I want ZBT to be an opportunity for them to grown as men. And I look forward to the day that I can call my sons brothers.”
  • “I really enjoy that (undergraduate brothers) help me feel young. I enjoy engaging with them, hearing their perspectives and hearing about their plans and dreams.  I love the idea that I could have been a small part of their success.”


Robert (Bobby) F. Smith

Delta Omicron (University of Tampa) 2017

Brother Smith worked for ZBT International Headquarters in the years after he graduated from the University of Tampa, and he continues to volunteer as a speaker and facilitator at a variety of programs, particularly for Chapter Presidents due to his experience in that role. He is a Chapter Advisor for Eta Phi at College of Charleston and involved in the New York Area Alumni Association. He lives in Long Island and has a career as a Financial Services Professional at MassMutual.

  • “I enjoy working with today’s undergraduate brothers because it takes me back to when I was in college, navigating some of the same conversations or struggles they may be going through. If I can help make the current undergraduates’ lives easier by providing a piece of advice or a new way of looking at things based on something I experienced, then I absolutely will take the time to do so. I believe it’s important to be present for them as a sounding board or mentor, similar to how my older brothers were there for me.”
  • “ZBT is a Brotherhood for a Lifetime. It is important to stay involved and continue to support this organization that has given us so much. My experiences in ZBT helped me develop as a person and provided me with a skillset and opportunities that got me where I am today.”