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Al and Gayle Berg Help ZBT Combat Campus Anti-Semitism

By Faron A. Lewitt —

Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is pleased to announce a generous $275,000 commitment from Alfred (Al) K. Berg, Omicron (Syracuse University) ’73 and his wife Gayle in support of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation’s Heritage Initiative and in particular ZBT’s Combatting Campus Anti-Semitism Program.

“While I am not very religious, I am certainly Jewish and very involved in a number of Jewish organizations. The accomplishments of the Jewish people is remarkable and extremely positive but the history of persecution and anti-Semitism is also unfortunately remarkable in its negativity. Therefore, even in a country as great as America, it is important to always stay vigilant against bias, racism, and other forms of hatred,” said Brother Berg.
As the world’s first Jewish Fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau remains in the unique position to serve as a convener on college campuses to address one of the deepest issues facing our brothers and their peers today: anti-Semitism. For years, ZBT has been on the forefront of asking big questions and making bold moves in order to create safer and healthier environments for all. Whether that was the creation of an inclusive environment built upon Jewish values, the abolishment of a two-tier membership status, or the pioneering of new and innovative ways to address sexual violence, ZBT is an award winning industry leader.
To help combat the growing trend of anti-Semitism and hate on the college campus Zeta Beta Tau has partnered with the Anti-Defamation League (“ADL”) to offer their “Words to Action” program tailored to undergraduate students within the Greek community on campuses around the country.
As an undergraduate, Brother Berg served as Chapter President.
“I have extremely fond memories of my years at Syracuse University and ZBT was integral to my time there. We had a great group of guys in the Fraternity and I shared a lot of time with them since I lived in the Chapter house for my sophomore and junior years. I then lived off campus in my senior year with two ZBT brothers. So my memories run long and deep.”
Zeta Beta Tau Foundation President Bruce H. Weinstein, Psi (University of Alabama) ’70 said:
“We are so very thankful to Al for his generous gift in support of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation and our Heritage Initiative. We are excited about the opportunity to better support the Fraternity’s mission to be mindful of its founding in 1898, as the world’s first Jewish Fraternity and to preserve and cultivate its relationships within the Jewish community. On behalf of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation, the Board of Directors, our brothers around the world and those who join us in supporting the fight to combat anti-Semitism on campus and elsewhere, thank you Brother and Dr. Berg.”
When asked what the phrase Brotherhood for a Lifetime means to him, Brother Berg responded by saying:
“When you have spent some of your most memorable years at college and as a brother of ZBT, there is a very deep warmth in your heart for the friends  you made and the fond memories you have. A deep respect for the quality of friends I shared my college years with as well as the institution of ZBT and what it stands for exists within me. The spark never goes away. Just stays quietly inside until, if you’re lucky enough, it breaks out and accomplishes some good so many years later.”
The Heritage Initiative enables ZBT to continue to engage young Jewish men and provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for them to explore their Jewish identity. Gifts in support of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation’s Heritage Initiative may be made by visiting zbt.org/donate. Please direct your support to the Irving M. & Nancy Chase Heritage Programming Fund.
The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is a nonprofit corporation exclusively committed to educational and charitable purposes that assist the Brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. The Foundation assists the Brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity by funding scholarships and academic and leadership programs to maximize their personal development and prepare them to be leaders of society.