All in the Family

By Brian A. Hoffman —

Keeping ZBT ‘in the Family’

The Embodiment of Brotherhood for a Lifetime

Brotherhood for a Lifetime is more than a motto; it is a philosophy and mindset directly connected to our strength, size and quality. It is a commitment we make to each other at the time of our initiation to past, present and future brothers to never forget where we came from and what the Fraternity means to us. You may not know a brother or his family, you may not know his personal journey or place in life. What you do know is a brother of any other chapter is a brother of ZBT.

As Brother Daniel A. Balva, Delta Iota (University of Central Florida) ’14, said:

“Brotherhood is not something that is easily described, but it is easily understood by those who share in this fraternal bond. When you take this already special bond and share it with a family member, it makes the experience that much more special and meaningful.”

Brother Balva is proud to share how the fraternal bond enhanced the biological bond he had with his older brother, Jonathan C. Balva, Delta Iota (University of Central Florida) ’13.

Our commitment to Brotherhood for a Lifetime is becoming ingrained throughout the Fraternity. It is not merely focused on the undergraduate experience but rather on providing value throughout a brother’s life and after he moves on to the Chapter Eternal. One area where understanding Brotherhood for a Lifetime is best embodied is in our recruitment practices and engagement with legacies.

Brother Dan Balva recalled he was not initially set on joining his older brother’s fraternity, but felt it may “give (him) something to do as a new freshman at a large university.” It wasn’t until he realized “if this organization can impact an individual as much as it had been impacting my brother, it would definitely be a worthwhile experience” that he decided to accept his bid and join our Brotherhood. The Balvas both served as president of the Delta Iota Chapter as undergraduates, and now they serve jointly as advisors for the Delta Eta Chapter at Lynn University.

This year, ZBT saw a substantial increase in both the number of reported legacies and the number of legacies who joined the Fraternity. Nearly 150 brothers of the Fraternity (roughly 7 percent of total new brothers this year) now share a unique bond with their ZBT relative(s), a bond which is now able to be passed down from generation to generation. The way chapters and colonies identify and engage a legacy to hopefully provide him the opportunity to continue his family’s ZBT experience demonstrates their understanding and embodiment of our true Brotherhood for a Lifetime!