April Volunteer of the Month

Allan N. Waterman
Beta Pi (California State University, Long Beach) ’70
Chapter Advisor to Beta Pi

Brother Waterman has been volunteering for ZBT since 2010.

“I sort of stumbled into volunteering. I attended a alumni picnic that my home chapter (Beta Pi) hosted after they were reinstated. I met the chapter advisor, spent time with the brothers, and they asked me to be a trustee,” he said.

In 2012, as the chapter was going through a transition period, Brother Waterman was again asked by the brothers of Beta Pi for his assistance, and he began his tenure as a Chapter Advisor. When asked about why he accepted the position, Brother Waterman shared that his experience and love of educating and working with students was the driving factor behind the decision. He also credits working with the chapter for helping him grow as a person saying that “great kids make you a great coach.”

Along with helping guide the Beta Pi Chapter to one of its strongest years since re-founding, Brother Waterman has also supported ZBT International Headquarters staff in serving other chapters in his area. Most recently working with Brian A. Hoffman, Sigma (Tulane University) ’09, Director of Organizational Growth, to serve as chartering officer at the celebration for the Gamma Nu Chapter of Cal State-Los Angeles.

Brother Waterman feels his approach to advising is what has made his work with the men of Beta Pi a success.

“It is all about how you interact with the guy. Keep your finger on the pulse of the chapter, but do it without muddling. Let them know you are there for them and available, and always go to Initiation.”


If you would like to nominate someone for ZBT’s Volunteer of the Month, you can submit your nomination to Pat Gleason, Director of Alumni Engagement, at pgleason@zbtnational.org. Please be sure to include the reason why you believe the nominee should be selected.