Well wishes for brother’s NFT philanthropy

By Evan A. Golinsky, Theta (University of Pennsylvania) 2024

From left: Sebastian Melendez, 2023, and Evan A. Golinsky, 2024.

I am honored to call myself a brother of Zeta Beta Tau on so many levels.

For one, it means I am in the same brotherhood as my late father, Dan S. Golinsky, Psi (University of Alabama) 1974, and my uncle William (Billy) A. Golinsky, Psi (University of Alabama) 1970, as well as a number of important male figures in my life. Being a brother of ZBT and the Chapter President of the Theta Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania has also introduced me to friends who I know I will have for my entire life. One of these brothers is Sebastian Melendez, 2023, who I partnered with in July 2021 to create MyCryptoWish, our philanthropic non-fungible token (NFT) project. Along with friend Zach Lederman, we started this project to send a message about the utility of NFTs for transparent philanthropy and public support for charities by successfully launching and maintaining a grassroots NFT project of our own.

MyCryptoWish revolves around making a personal Wish and encapsulating this Wish in a unique Star NFT. Our website hosts the first NFT Wishing Well, where users will make their Wish by “throwing” the corresponding sum of Ethereum into the Well. Upon doing so, these users will receive their unique NFT Star, symbolizing their act of Wishing. With each Wish, 100% of the total Ethereum generated from the sale will go directly to the Ethereum address of a nationally recognized children’s research hospital, with a goal of over $1,000,000. These funds will support their mission of ending childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases, thus helping to grant the wish of health for critically ill children and their families.

A favorite flashback from 2002: Dan S. Golinsky, Psi (University of Alabama) 1974, and son Evan met with Muhammad Ali.

The countless hours Sebastian and I have spent in our ZBT chapter house at Penn working to finetune this project and overcome obstacles has brought us even closer as brothers. Our brotherhood as a whole has supported us in this venture, from undergraduate brothers to alumni brothers, all seeking to help simply because they care about our mission and our bond as ZBT brothers.

Being a ZBT has shown me exactly what my dad and uncle always raved about, for ZBT truly means you have a brotherhood for life.

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