Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Zeta Beta Tau Foundation elects two directors

The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation proudly announces the election of Brothers Todd D. Smith, Zeta Pi (East Stroudsburg University) 1994, and John D. Stemen, Esq., Omicron (Tufts University) 1999, to the Board of Directors. They were elected last July at the Board of Directors meeting in Las Vegas.

Both will serve as Directors of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation for a minimum of a three-year term. Directors serve on Zeta Beta Tau Foundation committees responsible for planning and implementing investment and spending strategies as well as fundraising and donor cultivation efforts. Directors are also committed to assisting the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity by funding scholarships and academic and leadership programs to maximize their personal development and prepare them to be leaders of society.

Brother Smith is an award-winning, seasoned sales professional with a proven record and extensive knowledge in effective sales strategies, business development, and project management. Todd is an avid cyclist and volunteers with Padres Pedal the Cause, a community of cancer fighters that raises funds for life-saving cancer research. He is a founding father of the Zeta Pi Chapter and served in several positions within the Chapter. Todd is a past member of the Fraternity’s staff and has volunteered with the Fraternity in many capacities since becoming an alumnus brother. He is also a past recipient of a Zeta Beta Tau Foundation scholarship.

“For almost 30 years, I’ve been an alumni volunteer for ZBT. However, being elected to the Board of Directors of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation has been the pinnacle of my tenure as a Brother of ZBT. It has allowed me to be part of the development and growth of leaders for our great Fraternity through programming and scholarships.

“As an undergraduate, the Foundation helped me to continue my studies through scholarship. Now, as a Board Member, I am able to give back. It’s an amazing feeling,” Brother Smith said.

Brother Stemen is a dedicated law enforcement and security professional with nearly 20 years of experience in criminal investigations, dignitary protection, and program management. He is experienced in investigations and operations in the following areas: federal criminal law, administrative and employee misconduct, and cyber and technology defense. John has dignitary protection experience both domestically and internationally in low and higher-threat environments. He is currently serving as Director of Safety and Security for the largest Jewish student nonprofit organization in the world. Todd is a past chapter president, a former member of the Fraternity’s staff and a past member of the Supreme Council.

“Being selected to serve on the foundation board is both an honor and something that I see as my duty to continue my service to ZBT. ZBT has given me so much and I truly believe in Brotherhood for a Lifetime. To me, that means I will continue to serve, work for, and give back to ZBT. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet new brothers, both alumni and undergraduates, and stay in touch with brothers I have worked with and volunteered with over the last 25 years. Lastly, it gives me the opportunity to connect with undergraduate brothers and show them that ZBT can and should last more than the four years during college,” said Brother Stemen.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Board of Directors, please email foundation@zbtfoundation.org.