Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Brotherhood for a Lifetime Oral History Project

Every brother has a story, and Zeta Beta Tau wants to hear yours.

That’s why we’ve decided to embark on a new project, the Brotherhood for a Lifetime oral history book project, to collect the stories of alumni in their own words. These stories will be preserved in a printed book that celebrates the merged fraternities that comprise our Brotherhood — Kappa Nu, Phi Alpha, Phi Sigma Delta, Phi Epsilon Pi and Zeta Beta Tau — and the impact this organization has had on brothers’ lives and who they are today.

Brothers will be receiving a series of mailed postcards and emails about this project from over the next few months from our partner, Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI), who collects and assembles the stories. PCI, has a trained staff of real, live human beings who are ready to listen to what you have to say and are trained to share great memories. PCI.

If you’re interested in participating, we encourage you think about the memory you want to share:

  • Has a brother, advisor or alumnus had a profound impact on your life?
  • Can you trace your career path back to a defining moment in the Fraternity, at an event or while serving in a role?
  • Have your chapter connections turned into lifelong friendships?
  • Were you an undergraduate in the Fraternity during a notable moment in history?
  • Did members of your family join Zeta Beta Tau? Are you a legacy, or did you support a legacy who’s a relative?

To submit your story or to update your information, please call the number listed on the postcard or email you received or call our partner, PCI, at 1-888-920-1772. Brothers will receive postcards and emails starting mid-October and may submit stories through March.

Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions and more at ZBT.org.

It is, and will always be, great to be a ZBT!