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‘Learning to be successful student activists’

Brandon H. Leach and Logan Schoen, undergraduate brothers from the Beta Psi Chapter at American University, participated in the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Global Forum 2022 in June. ZBT asked them to share more their experience:


We had the great opportunity to meet leaders in the field of Jewish and Israeli activism. We were able to have a conversation with AJC’s CEO Ted Deutch, listen to conversations with United Nations Ambassadors from all signatory nations of the Abraham Accords, hear from a fearless Iranian dissident and listen to spirited debate amongst senior fellows of well-known Middle East institutions about the future of U.S. and Israel foreign policy and the consequences of the recent invasion of Ukraine.

We learned both how to be successful student activists to protect our Jewish identity and to combat antisemitism in the midst of rising hate incident on college campuses.

Beyond campus life, we learned a lot about the Middle East and broader international politics and about the inner-workings of many prominent U.S. institutions.


ZBT encourages brothers to connect with partner organizations that share our Mission in the Jewish community and take advantage of the opportunities they provide. Brothers Leach and Schoen are a great example of the ways today’s undergraduates benefit from these partners.

With 24 offices across the United States, and 13 overseas, as well as partnerships with 37 Jewish community organizations worldwide, AJC is the leading global Jewish advocacy organization. From city halls to Capitol Hill, at the United Nations and in world capitals, AJC works to impact policy and opinion on the most important issues facing the Jewish people: fighting antisemitism and all forms of hate, strengthening Israel’s place in the world and defending democratic values.

AJC Global Forum is a space for attendees to consider the pressing challenges faced as Jews and as Americans, and to demonstrate a commitment to fighting rising antisemitism; support Israel and widen the circle of peace following the historic Abraham Accords; prevent a nuclear Iran; strengthen U.S. global leadership; and counter threats to democratic values. Learn more at