Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Beyond Four Years

Percy Knox Jr., Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1991, an All-American long jumper, was laser-focused on his Olympic dreams when he started school at the University of Arizona.

A stroke of luck placed Knox in a freshman dorm with guys he instantly clicked with. While Knox focused on long jumping, the guys from the dorm explored the fraternity scene, and became brothers of Zeta Beta Tau.

As he settled into college life his sophomore year, Knox decided to check out the fraternities for himself. He visited a few houses before stopping by ZBT. He says “it was done as soon as I walked in. I felt comfortable at ZBT and knew that if I was going to be in a fraternity, this is where I would be.”

Knox became the resident DJ for the house and recalls an instant friendship with his recruitment class, which included Scott S. Selig, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1993. When Knox trained and competed in long jump for Arizona, Selig was there to support him.

“Selig had all of the characteristics you would want in a friend,” Knox recalls. “He was fun to be around, a supportive friend and took a genuine interest in others.” Following graduation, Selig moved home to Atlanta, while Knox stayed in Arizona to continue training.

“Social media didn’t exist back then. You had to pick up the phone to actually stay in touch with people and we all did that,” Knox recalls.

Selig and Knox would still find time to see each other and Selig came out to watch Knox compete in the U.S. Olympic Trials in Atlanta. Despite winning the U.S. Olympic Festival in 1993 & 94, injuries took a toll and Knox finished eighth after the Olympic trials, which wouldn’t earn him a spot on the final team. Knox moved into the sales and marketing world, and he eventually landed back in Phoenix with a professional athletic training facility. That led him to his current company, Elevee, a custom clothing brand that works with professional athletes and celebrities.

In 2017, Selig died after battling cancer. Knox wants Selig’s legacy to live on and thinks the recently established Scott S. Selig, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1993 Memorial Scholarship Fund through the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is great way to ensure it does.

“Scott had a profound impact on my life and he’ll continue to impact others’ lives through this.” He hopes the brothers who will receive the scholarship understand the integrity and humility Selig embodied.

Knox also hopes undergraduate brothers realize the importance of the relationships they form during their undergraduate years. He encourages them to relish their time and understand that if they are a good brother and friend, the impact will extend far beyond four short years.