Volunteer Spotlight: Jay Duseau

By Brandon M. Goldberg —

Jay Duseau, Epsilon Delta (Binghamton) 1998 was first introduced to ZBT as a sophomore at Binghamton University in 1995. Like many brothers of ZBT, Jay would develop a lifelong connection with his fellow brothers that continued for decades after graduating. Jay views his time in the Fraternity as a significant aspect of his undergraduate career and an instrumental component of his personal and professional success.  It’s a bond and connection he wouldn’t have had otherwise with anyone else on campus.

Jay currently serves as the Director of Development at Binghamton University, the school he loves and knows well. When it was announced that ZBT was making a return to Binghamton, he was quick to get involved as a chapter advisor to support the budding colony. “ZBT has given me some lifelong friendships, several of whom I communicate with weekly,” Jay said. “I feel that my time as a brother of ZBT added significant value to my undergraduate experience. There’s no doubt the fraternity experience creates a special bond between people that you wouldn’t have otherwise, even with alumni.”

There’s a strong benefit of being both a mentor and mentee to others and Jay has personally benefitted from both. His biggest mentor has been his father who has mentored him on how to develop personal and professional relationships, make ethical decisions and support others. Jay also views Binghamton’s Associate Dean of the School of Management, Shelley Dionne, as a close mentor and confidante. Within the Fraternity, he looks up to Brian Doherty, Epsilon Delta (Binghamton) 1997, who brought Jay to his first ZBT Binghamton recruitment event where he fell in love with the Fraternity. Additionally, he looks up to Steven (Steve) B. Kahn, Epsilon Delta (Binghamton) 1991 who was one of the first people Jay met when returning to Binghamton in 2016. Steve has been instrumental in Jay’s professional success and continues to partner with Jay and support his mission to help develop Binghamton University.

His motivation comes from helping others and helping them achieve their personal goals. Jay sees advising as an opportunity to help the next generation of college students become successful whether that be in their academic career, professional career or personal life. He’s also been instrumental in inviting alumni back to campus to speak with the current Colony in all of these aspects.

“I’m really proud of the Colony. They are making a meaningful impact here at Binghamton. They have one of the top GPA’s. They are heavily involved on campus and their philanthropy efforts are outstanding. The current brothers are determined, passionate and respectful; it’s everything a ZBT should be,” Jay said.

The Epsilon Delta Colony recently completed their Get on the Ball Philanthropy benefitting Children’s Miracle Networks Hospitals and received positive coverage in PipeDream, Binghamton’s school newspaper. The event was even attended by university President Harvey Stenger who happily signed the ball.

“The influence Jay has on the men of the Colony is truly remarkable. His energy has empowered the brothers to maximize their potential within the Fraternity and make it something great,” said Robert (Bobby) Smith, Chapter Development Consultant on the ZBT staff. “Jay has high expectations for the Colony and wants them to succeed and have the same beneficial experience he had as a brother, if not better. The brothers really look up to him, he’s more than just an advisor for them.”

Outside of ZBT, Jay works with the American Cancer Society as a Road to Recovery Driver each week. For those who cannot drive themselves or have no other means of getting to their treatment, Road to Recovery volunteers donate their spare time to give cancer patients a much-needed lift. He’s also an avid golf player and happy to hit the course with any brothers as long as his schedule and weather permits. Jay is looking forward to marrying his fiancé, Meghan, later this year.

Jay still feels there’s ongoing work to be done with Epsilon Delta including its push for a charter and he’s committed to keeping the brothers focused on their goals. For all ZBTs, Jay has the following advice to share, “embrace the moment you’re in. Whether it’s your time as a student or your current role as a professional, give it your all. When it’s time for you to advance, leave that particular role in a better position than you found it.”