Letters From ZBT’s Leaders

Brothers, welcome to the Digital Deltan brotherhood magazine. Please read on for more from the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity and Zeta Beta Tau Foundation leadership. 

From the International President:

What will your legacy be?

Now that I am well past the halfway point in my Presidency, I have started to think about what I would like to accomplish during the remainder of my term with the Fraternity.  While doing so, I thought back on the time I first wrote an article for The Deltan.  It was early in my tenure with the Supreme Council and it involved my youngest son; Benjamin.

Benjamin transferred to the University of Miami after attending Hendrix College in Arkansas.  During his first semester at “The U”, he decided to join our Fraternity and he remained active until his graduation in 2014.  As a father, I can honestly say that having him join my chapter was even more exciting than when I joined Alpha Omega in 1979.

Although ZBT does not require our chapters to give automatic bids to legacies, Alpha Omega had an unwritten policy to do so.  This policy is followed by many other chapters—including some of the largest chapters in our Brotherhood.

For those chapters that do not follow this policy and for those chapters that routinely turn away our legacies, I humbly ask you to change.  Zeta Beta Tau is a Fraternity; we are not a social club.  We are not just friends; we are brothers.  As brothers, we have a responsibility to one another and a responsibility to build upon our legacy.

When legacies are turned away, we not only lose an undergraduate brother, we also lose their family members.  In some cases, that has included blood brothers, fathers, uncles and grandfathers. That is a price which is way too high!  And the reasons for not extending a bid usually surround the legacy not making a good first impression during rush.

If we are all being honest with ourselves, we need to recognize that the young man that comes through our chapter doors as a nervous freshman will grow in confidence and become a valuable member of our chapter.  If you don’t believe me, ask yourself whether you are the same person as a sophomore, a junior or as a senior.

Also ask yourself how you would want your son to be treated when he goes to school in the future.  Our Fraternity is made better and our Brotherhood is made stronger when we extend bids to our legacies.  So as we wind down for the school year and begin making plans for recruitment for 2019-2020, let us all commit to grow our family, generation by generation.  That will be the best legacy!

Cordially, Fraternally and Sincerely,




Norman M. Waas, Esq., Alpha Omega (University of Miami) 1982
International President, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity

From the Foundation President:

The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation is at an exciting chapter in its life.

We have begun 2019 accomplishing some very important milestones.  Financially, we have reached new highs in endowed funds.  Operationally, we have adopted a framework for a new strategic plan, amended our by-laws, and adopted new principles of policy governance for the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Board of Directors.

What does this mean for you, the brothers of ZBT?  It means that we have embarked on a short and long-term plan that allows us to develop in coordination with the Fraternity specific goals and objectives to accomplish our Mission, as well as that of the Fraternity.  We are looking to enhance funding for educational, leadership and heritage programs.  Additionally, we anticipate increasing scholarships—in both quantity, as well as increased individual awards.  Most importantly, we are looking to build relationships with you, our undergraduate brothers, as well as our alumni brothers.

With respect to our alumni, as a component of our strategic plan, we are seeking ways to increase alumni engagement.  Whether this be through reunions, leadership events, or fundraising for chapters, we anticipate an expanding presence.

On a sad note, one of our beloved brothers, Al Berg, passed away recently.  Brother Berg has been instrumental in supporting our Heritage Initiative in general and our efforts to combat anti-Semitism in particular.  At our Convention in July, we will be presenting the Al Berg Heritage Programming Award, in his honor, to the chapter that best lives up to promoting the Fraternity’s heritage at the campus level.

These are exciting times for the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation, and we look forward to seeing many of you at the Convention in Denver.

Cordially, Fraternally and Sincerely,





Jerry N. Katz, CPA, Alpha Rho (University of California – Los Angeles) 1976
Zeta Beta Tau Foundation President