Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Planned Giving

By Faron A. Lewitt —

On behalf of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation I encourage you to visit our planned giving website and explore planned giving ideas. If you’re interested in any of the concepts included on the website, just click on the topic for a helpful overview. Please rest assured that you’ll be informed — not overwhelmed — by the material you read.

The concept behind planned giving is quite simple. There are ways to give that benefit both you and our organization. So, if you’re inclined to help us fulfill our mission, it makes good sense to explore the options available. Informed giving can dramatically increase the impact you have on the ZBT Brotherhood, as well as benefit you and your family members.

Again, many thanks for your interest in both ZBT and the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation.

C., F. & S,
Faron A. Lewitt
Executive Director
Zeta Beta Tau Foundation