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Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Scholarship Profile

Anthony G. Cirillo
Beta Gamma, Indiana University Bloomington ’18
2016 recipient of the Adam Seth Jacobs Memorial Scholarship


What led you to join ZBT?

I wanted to be a part of something special and after my few years in the Beta Gamma Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, I feel that my brothers and I have made an impact.

What has been your most rewarding ZBT memory?

My initiation process gave me the feeling of being a part of something bigger than just myself and with which I am honored to associate. I felt like I joined a family of brothers with whom I will be able to tackle life’s greatest challenges.

What would you like to say to the ZBT alumni who came before you and made your Fraternity experience possible?

To the alumni, I cannot thank them enough for building and leaving the legacy behind into which they put their blood, sweat and tears. I am honored to be able to carry on their legacy as ZBT brothers and I will do so with Intellectual Awareness, Integrity, Social Responsibility and Brotherly Love.

What impact will receiving a Zeta Beta Tau Foundation scholarship have for you?

I will be able to continue my studies at Indiana University and will hopefully be able to fulfill my dream of going to graduate school. Receiving this scholarship has opened the doors for success.

What does Brotherhood for a Lifetime mean to you?

Brotherhood for a Lifetime means the brothers that you have behind your back and will continue to have throughout your life. Knowing that you have a support group of a wonderful group of guys is something that is comforting and will allow me to excel in all of my future endeavors.

What are your career aspirations and goals for the future?

My career goals for the future are to graduate from Indiana University and attend a very respected graduate school where hopefully, upon graduation, I will be able to start my career in the financial sector.


adam-seth-jacobs-memorial-scholarship-fundAdam Seth Jacobs Memorial Scholarship Fund

Adam Seth Jacobs, Beta Gamma (Indiana) ’06, was an active member of the Indiana University student body as an undergraduate. During his days as a member of the Beta Gamma Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau, Brother Jacobs was both a leader and inspiration to his fellow brothers as well as the entire Indiana community. Adam took on the role as vice president of the Beta Gamma Chapter during his time at Indiana, helping the Fraternity to raise money for such organizations as “La Casa” which serves as a public house for the Latino community. He also put on a phenomenal concert during the Little 500 event raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. During his freshman year, Adam saw a need for involving his Fraternity brothers with community service on campus and in turn created the “Outreach Committee” within ZBT. This Committee assisted in pairing those brothers who were interested in reaching out to the local community with organizations that needed assistance.

Brother Jacobs combined his dedication to helping others with his passion for running when he set out to run the Philadelphia Marathon in November of 2005 in order to raise money for a project that he created called “Race to Protect Human Rights.” With the support of ZBT, Adam was able to raise over $7,000 which was donated to The Human Rights Watch and to relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina. Adam continued to inspire his fellow brothers through his love for running when he helped to create a ZBT team to run the Little 50 Race his senior year at Indiana. Adam helped lead the team by training them during the weeks leading up to the race and also inspired a sorority to participate in the Little 50 Race for the first time ever. Adam worked tirelessly to train the sorority and ZBT while still finding time to train for the race himself in order to participate as a member of ZBT’s team. In ZBT at Indiana, the members used to say when in need, “Seek a Brother.” Adam exemplified this idea and was often sought out and would go above and beyond for any and every brother.

After graduating from Indiana, Brother Jacobs went on to become the founder and editor-in-chief of the TheFinalSprint.com. Adam’s goal was to provide both coverage of elite distance running and to build ties in the running community for athletes of all abilities. Through his professional and enthusiastic nature, Adam quickly found sponsors for the site and built up the site’s editorial content with a special focus on podcasts and elite athlete blogs. In following his passion for helping others, Adam had The Final Sprint become an official sponsor of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities pursue an active lifestyle through physical fitness and athletics. These are just some of the many selfless ways that Adam spent his time helping others both locally on campus and globally all the while encouraging others to get involved.

In keeping with the spirit of Adam’s passion for helping others, a scholarship has been established in his name. The Fund provides grants to qualified applicants on a preferential basis to the Beta Gamma Chapter at Indiana University. The Scholarship is merit based and is given to a brother who best exemplifies the value of social responsibility. Adam truly cherished the friendships that he created at ZBT and valued his time as a brother. He would be so happy to know that ZBT established a Scholarship Fund in his name … because he taught all of us the power of giving and the importance of kindness. He is forever loved and remembered by his family, friends and colleagues.