Spotlight: Irv and Ryan Chase

By Brian A. Hoffman —


The value of the #ZBTFamily experience thrives in sunny Southern California.

Brothers Irving M. Chase, Alpha Rho (UCLA) ’74, and Ryan L. Chase, Alpha Delta (USC) ’05

Irv Chase, a past fraternity staff member and International President of the Fraternity, loved his fraternity experience at UCLA. When he and his wife, Nancy, had their son Ryan, Irv knew in his heart he wanted to keep ZBT in the family. Ryan grew up as a ZBT, going to Conventions as early as 5 years old, and remembering standing longer and longer during the annual tradition that asks brothers to stand to illustrate how many Conventions they have attended at the Grand Awards Banquet. The ZBT family experience continued when Ryan attended ZBT’s 1994 International Convention in Newport Beach when Irv was installed as International President.

Recalling the conversations regarding Ryan’s fraternity options at USC, Irv mentioned the importance of balancing fatherhood with brotherhood.

“I couldn’t imagine him joining anywhere else, but like any father, you want your son to be happy. It depends on the mindset of the student and the family. Every school is different and they may not click. To all fathers of potential future ZBTs, it’s wise for your son to look at other chapters so he knows he’d be happy with ZBT and not solely continuing your experience.”

When Ryan started school at USC, he knew he had options to join other fraternities, and the chapter was not as strong as he would’ve liked. But he decided to join ZBT and continue the legacy tradition.

“It presented an opportunity to build the chapter up, similar to (Irv’s) experience years before at UCLA. (Ryan) wanted the diverse experience ZBT provided to meet with and learn from people from various walks of life.”

The Chases agree about the impact ZBT had on their formative years in college, with ZBT providing an opportunity for them to,

“learn more during (their) years in ZBT than all other school.” Today, the message is simple: “The more you care about ZBT, the more you want your son to be a ZBT.”

Today, Irv proudly displays the pride he has for the Fraternity and the bond he shares with Ryan on his desk, as Irv’s wife created a picture collage with the inscription “Father & Son, and ZBT Brothers.”