Volunteer Spotlight

Joshua S. Winzelberg,
Mu (Boston University) ’09,
Chapter Advisor to Gamma Chapter at NYU


Brother Winzelberg is very active with the chapter he advises, as well as being a leader in alumni engagement in the New York City area. He lives the Credo and truly exemplifies living brotherhood for a lifetime.

As an undergraduate, he served Mu Chapter as Treasurer and House Manager. He recently was featured as an alumni panelist at Dover Days.

“Being an undergraduate brother was a great, growing experience. When I first joined our E-Board as Treasurer, I began to meet people from ZBT International Headquarters and this truly enlightened me to what ZBT is all about at large and I was very inspired,” he said. “From supporting the network of brothers to battling anti-Semitism and sexual assault on campus, I know ZBT is an organization I can stand behind. In today’s cultural climate, we are in an excellent position to make a difference and are acting on the opportunity.”

Now 29, he encourages advisors to be present and be available to best help their chapters.

“Be physically present as much as you can; this is the best way to accomplish several things at once. It shows that you are here for them and your interest is purely supporting their success. Being around you’ll actually get to know the brothers, gaining their trust and the ability to subtly check on the chapter status firsthand. That said, it’s important to remember that many times brothers won’t seek you out for help for many reasons such as wanting to impress you or that they’re intimidated. Being readily available eradicates that issue — I repeatedly remind the Gamma Chapter that while I’m glad everything is going well, I really want to know about the problems, so I can help, and this goes for personal and academic issues as well.

Yet be aware of when to get involved and when to get out of the way. If we do everything for them, and give them all the answers, they’ll never learn and we’ll just seem overbearing.”

In his professional life, Brother Winzelberg has spent the past several years creating a beverage company, Vodka Mariette. The brand has won medals for its quality, flavors and bottle design, and received the Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Follow @VodkaMariette on Instagram and Facebook to learn more.