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Successful career paths develop from a recipe of 4 key ingredients: relationship building, continued learning, adaptability to change and calculated risk taking. These elements are bound together with our shared experiences, like the keystone of a bridge, it holds the pieces intact. With this formula in mind and the desire to offer our Brothers a navigation tool for the future, the BRIDGE networking site emerged.

BRIDGE and its companion app* are exclusive to ZBT. Joining the site and creating a profile takes minutes at From there, you can tailor your profile to display your education, work history and interests. Touring BRIDGE, you will find resources strategically designed to meet you wherever you are in your career, from those just starting out to the more seasoned alumni looking to offer words of wisdom.

Job Opportunities
Searching for job opportunities on the numerous job boards out there can be a daunting task. On BRIDGE you will find a condensed job board with handpicked opportunities posted by alumni. Once hiring managers post a job description or link to the position, the job will then be accessible to all the users on BRIDGE and featured to a targeted audience.

During the registration process, you will be prompted to indicate an interest in mentoring or receiving help from a mentor (optional program). This intelligent system will connect a mentee to a mentor within their given area of expertise. This Fall, BRIDGE will incorporate Skype into the mentor program. Mentors who opt into this feature and indicate current availability can offer assistance in real time.

News Items
News items are displayed directly on the homepage of BRIDGE, informing users of upcoming events related to career development and alumni gatherings such as putting your first resume together or tips and tricks for the interview process. Stay in-the-know with the news and highlights featuring upcoming webinars and workshops.

If you are looking to create a group specific to your chapter or share photos from your last alumni event, the groups feature in BRIDGE allows you to do just that. Users have a space to connect, and in some cases, reconnect, swap stories, share photos and memories.

BRIDGE has become a one-stop-shop for all things networking and career driven. This Fall, BRIDGE  will incorporate ZBT’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram feeds on the main page. Many other surprising and innovative features are on the horizon for BRIDGE. It’s just waiting on you to join.

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