September Volunteer of the Month

By Brandon M. Goldberg —

The role of a ZBT volunteer can take many forms. For some, it may be in the form of a program facilitator, a peer mentor or serving on a committee. For Carter D. McCormick, Alpha Pi (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 2015, it’s being all of those and more.

Brother McCormick’s connection with Zeta Beta Tau began in fall 2012 during his sophomore year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was there that he met a ZBT Expansion Consultant at Hillel who spoke to him about the opportunities and experiences ZBT could provide him. Particularly captivated by ZBT’s non-pledging and non-hazing practices, Carter joined ZBT as a Founding Father of the Alpha Pi Colony and served as one of its first presidents. He continued to serve the chapter and fellow brothers in different capacities following the conclusion of his term as president. Carter soon discovered that the world of ZBT stretched far beyond the campus of UNC- Chapel Hill. He began to see the impact he could have on ZBT with brothers from other chapters through his experiences at the James E. Greer Jr. Presidents Leadership Academy. That connection with the greater Fraternity would soon find him working for the ZBT International Headquarters as an intern and later as a Chapter Development Consultant, supporting brothers and chapters around the country.

After a year on staff, Carter returned to his studies and finished in the top 10% of his Master of Public Health Program at Emory University. It was there that he also helped create the first private-sector partnership database for the Division of Global Health Protection with the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This fall, he begins studying for his Ph. D. in Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policies at The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

The time Carter served on International Headquarters staff further connected him with the Fraternity. “I really enjoyed being a consultant for ZBT. I would encourage every brother to take that opportunity if possible. You’re able to visit chapters all around the U.S. and Canada and build relationships with brothers around the country, many of whom share the same values I did in being a brother,” Carter said.

One of his mentors, former ZBT International Headquarters Staff member Shannon Cohen, showed him the power and potential of connecting with brothers, both undergraduate and alumni and the impact one person can make on the entire organization. It’s something he has kept close to his heart.

As a volunteer, Carter continues to give back to the brothers of ZBT by helping them wherever possible. “ZBT has many innovative programs like Safe Smart Dating and the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP). I see the potential in these programs to really help brothers in aspects of their life beyond fraternity which led me to become involved as a facilitator”, he explained. “I’ve seen and experienced what ZBT can do for aspiring leaders and the resources that brothers of the Fraternity can be involved with to truly enrich themselves and I’m happy to help them unlock that potential.” Carter shared that each volunteer role that he has been involved with has further bolstered his ZBT experience. To date, Carter has been a facilitator for both ASTP and Safe Smart Dating, a past faculty member and peer facilitator for the Emerging Leaders Institute and the James E. Greer Presidents Leadership Academy, has served on the Discipline Board and as faculty at the 2018 International Convention in Los Angeles. He continues to find additional opportunities to get involved. “Who knows, maybe one day I might even get elected to the Supreme Council,” Carter said.

Carter shared the following advice for brothers, “live your life doing what you love and to better your fellow man. Don’t let something as trivial as a paycheck be your only motivator. For recent graduates, don’t be disheartened if your 5 year-post grad plans don’t play out like you hoped. It’s an interesting and challenging time after college but your brothers and networks will be there to support you.”