Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Foundation Awards More Than $60,000 in Scholarships

By Lesley Miller —

The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation continues to award more scholarships than ever before, thanks to the support of our generous donors. This year’s group of recipients includes aspiring professors, civil engineers and medical professionals among many other honorable paths of education.

“The young men who have earned these scholarships have distinguished themselves through their commitment to their studies and continuing to uphold the values of ZBT,” said Faron A. Lewitt, Psi (University of Alabama) 1997, Chief Executive Officer of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation. “Our goal is to increase scholarship donations to brothers every year and thanks to our donors, we’re awarding more than $60,000 this year.”

This marks the second year, in the Foundation’s 66-year history, that an individual will receive a $10,000 scholarship. The scholarships are awarded annually based on need and merit. This year, 26 brothers will receive scholarships.

2018 Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Scholarship Recipients:

Sid L. Bauer, Alpha Rho (University of California-Los Angeles) 2020
Chad E. Blickenstaff, Alpha Rho (University of California-Los Angeles) 2018
Pierre G. Craig III, Alpha Omega (University of Miami) 2020
Jacob S. Crockett, Nu (The Ohio State University) 2020
Madison E. Davis, Iota (University of Denver) 2019
Teodoro DeLellis, Omicron (Syracuse University) 2019
Joseph D. DiGiovannia, Beta Xi (Brooklyn College) 2019
Brandon G. Furlan, Beta Delta (Rutgers State University) 2019
Zachary P. Gaines, Psi (University of Alabama) 2021
Thomas A. Gallagher, Lambda (Case Western Reserve University) 2021
Benjamin D. Herrmann, Alpha Delta (University of Southern California) 2020
Robert L. Kramer, Psi (University of Alabama) 2020
Aaron J. Martinez, Mu (University of Georgia) 2018
Servando Martinez, Delta Zeta (Pace University) 2019
Mitchell R. Mcleod, Mu (Boston University) 2019
Jonathan D. Messinger, Beta Gamma (Indiana University) 2020
Matthew G. Meyer, Iota (University of Denver) 2019
Wilbert S. Pariguana, Gamma (New York University) 2021
Nicholas A. Parrilla, Lambda (Case Western Reserve University) 2018
Eytan H. Penn, Delta (Columbia University) 2018
Steven E. Pipkin , Psi (University of Alabama) 2021
Michael J. Roberts, Kappa (Cornell University) 2019
Hunter S. Sowry , Psi (University of Alabama) 2020
Asher H. Susman, Psi (University of Alabama) 2021
Justin P. Tucker, Rho (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 2019
Jacob M. Wells, Gamma (New York University) 2019