Mental Health & the ZBT Experience

At the 2018 International Convention in Los Angeles, California, the Fraternity convened several commissions to address issues impacting the fraternal world to determine what steps the Fraternity can take to provide the best resources and experiences possible for our brothers.

One commission of importance this year focused on mental health and the need for greater awareness, resources and support for all brothers and chapters. Brothers had thoughtful conversations about the challenges they face each day and their earnest desire to know how to best serve one another.

From this commission, several recommendations were made including the need for on-demand counseling services, online and in person education for brothers and peer to peer counseling training to assist brothers in crisis.

To ensure this is accomplished, a Mental Health Committee was formed to continue the work started by this commission. This committee will convene monthly and is comprised of both undergraduate and alumni brothers. The hope is that through meetings, brainstorming sessions and eventually a proposal, the committee will come up with a pilot for both an in-person program and prevention series as it relates to mental health.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Director of Wellness and Harm Reduction Nancy Snowden at nsnowden@zbtnational.org.